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    Interesting article as usual. The comparisons are harder to make this season because of varying tire strategies. Without considering those, a lot of the battles were surprisingly close.

    I also think the article shows that Douglas Bacon deserves another shot in 2017.

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    Adam Blocker

    @mathers A nice improvement from last season while still keeping the same look. I appreciate the amount of design work that goes into your liveries, good stuff.

    Also it will look nice to have the proper tire manufacturer logo on the sidewalls. It’s a small detail, but stuff like that really goes a long way to making everything look better.

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    Adam Blocker
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    @aiera-music That livery looks cool, right on par with the other recent AMR liveries. It will be interesting to see how the other 2017 cars look.

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    Adam Blocker

    AMR just gave us the biggest surprise of silly season yet! Hoskins staying on the grid is great and a Beyer v. Hoskins match up is incredibly exciting and they will be one of the best pairings on the grid.

    I also think that there is more to this deal than we currently know about, which is why a second “unknown” (they aren’t unknown if you look hard enough) team is involved and AMR have two reserve drivers lined up for next season. But that is me trying to connect the dots from limited pieces of information at this point.

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    FIRST Motorsport Partners with Skip Barber Racing School

    Kangur is a solid driver, but I would have liked to see Inman stay. Inman is probably better than Kangur after having a season in Formula Virtual to improve, but it may prove to be a smart financial decision to sell Inman.

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    Adam Blocker

    Another solid performance from my youth drivers: ahead of North Star despite having a much slower car.

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    Adam Blocker

    Also: I think that Adrien Simon will win at least one of those Triple Crown races with a half-decent car. And that’s a conservative prediction. It is cool that he will compete against those guys.

    I also think that Brock Kidd really deserves his chance in IndyVirtual. Unfortunately I don’t think he will ever be quite good enough for Formula Virtual, but I would be happy if he proves me wrong.

    I am also pleased that Goodyear is the new tire supplier, we get to keep an American supplier and they are a good company. Will the compound properties in the game change @robocat ?

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    Adam Blocker

    Here are some potentially interesting stats following the Brazilian V-Prix:
    – Adrien Simon won the eleventh race of his career, which equals Enrique Ruiz’s record for most Formula Virtual wins.
    – Johan Halvosen set the third fastest lap of his career. This means that Meteor set six fastest laps in 2016, which is only one fewer than DS Mathershaw.
    – Adrien Simon started from pole position for the 12th time of his career, which equals Will Hoskin’s record for most Formula Virtual pole positions.
    – Adrien Simon stood on the podium for the 26th time in his career, which means that he has overtaken Enrique Ruiz to become the driver with the most career podium finishes in Formula Virtual history.
    – I find this next stat really surprising: DS Mathershaw have equaled Franklin’s all-time record for most Formula Virtual pole positions at 22. However, Franklin have still won a staggering 10 more races than DS (28 to 18).
    – Six pole positions were converted into victories this season, which is a Formula Virtual record.
    – Olen Inman was only two points short of taking the Drivers’ title. This is the closest margin in Drivers’ championship history.
    – Olen Inman scored 241 points in his rookie season, which is only three points short of the record for a rookie (Ruiz in 2014).
    – Adrien Simon equaled Will Hoskin’s record for most pole positions in a season with five.
    – DS Mathershaw equaled Franklin’s record for most wins in a season with 10 wins. Franklin managed 10 wins in 16 races while DS took 18 races to do the same.
    – DS Mathershaw set the record for most points scored in a season, scoring 484 points in 2016. This is only two more points than Franklin set in 2014. Franklin did this with only 17 races, however.
    – After four seasons of Formula Virtual, no driver has won two championships. This is surprising considering that two drivers have been on multiple Constructors’ Championship winning teams (Hoskins – 2013 & 2014, Ruiz – 2014 & 2015).
    – While the Drivers’ Championship was the closest in history, the Constructors’ Championship had the biggest margin in Formula Virtual history: 149 points separated DS Mathershaw from second place Meteor.
    – All three of the last Constructors’ Championships have had more than 100 point margin between the champion team and the runner-up team. All three of these championships were also clinched two races early.
    – With Michelin exiting the sport for 2017, Bridgestone will remain the tyre supplier with the most wins, pole positions, fastest laps, and podiums in Formula Virtual history. Michelin did get close to eclipsing most of these records after dominating Firestone over the course of the last two seasons.
    – Firestone became the first tyre supplier to fail to win a race in a season in which they competed. In fact, they only managed one podium position: James Harding’s 2nd place in China.
    – For the first time in Formula Virtual history, a team has completed a full season without scoring a point. In fact three teams accomplished this: FIRST, North Star, and Holmqvist.
    – Ingram and DS Mathershaw scored points in every race this season.
    – Ingram continue their impressive points scoring streak: they have now scored points in 29 consecutive V-Prix, which is only one behind Franklin’s record streak of 30 consecutive V-Prix with points scored.
    – Jean Mattson scored points in 17 races this season, which is an all-time Formula Virtual record for most points scoring finishes in a season. Surprisingly, he did this without scoring a single podium. He did finish 4th four times, though.
    – Nikolajis Christodoulou scored his best career finish in Brazil, finishing in 9th place.
    – Meteor’s eighteen race points scoring streak came to an end.
    – The Brazilian V-Prix has not had a repeat winner (driver or constructor).
    – There were nine different pole winners this season, which is a Formula Virtual record for most pole position winners in a season.
    – There were seven different fastest lap setters this season, which is a Formula Virtual record for most fastest lap setters in a season.
    – All three of the last three seasons have each had exactly seven different drivers win during the season.
    – Constructors from four different countries (Finland, France, United Kingdom, United States) won a race this season. This is a record for most constructor nationalities to win a race in a season.
    – British teams only won 3 of 18 races this season. This is in stark contrast to the two previous seasons, where they failed to win on only three occasions (winning 30 of 33 races).
    – The top three in the constructors’ championship did not include a British team for the first time in Formula Virtual history. In every previous season, there had been at least two British teams in the top three of the championship.
    – Teams from four different continents scored points this season, which is a Formula Virtual record.
    – Meteor became the first team to score points with three different nationalities (French, British, American).
    – 22 drivers scored points this season. This is the fewest number of drivers to score points in a Formula Virtual season. This is despite having the largest grid in Formula Virtual history.
    – Holmqvist became the first team to finish 13th in the constructors’ championship.
    – Lopez and FUN tied the record for the fewest number of classified retirements in a season with 2. Peugeot previously did this in 2014.
    – Adrien Simon won the championship despite recording six non-points scoring results. This is the most non-points scoring results for a champion. The previous record holder was Enrique Ruiz with four in 2014. Olen Inman only had three non-points scoring results.
    – Johan Halvosen became the first driver to win the first two races of the season and not win the championship.
    – Adrien Simon became the first driver to win the championship despite not finishing on the podium in the opening round.
    – Six drivers have competed in every Formula Virtual race to date. These six are: Carson Davenport, Will Hoskins, Tumo Kinnumen, Nathaniel Powers, Adrien Simon, Elroy Wagner.
    – FUN have scored more than two thirds of their career points in 2016. This means that the points they scored in 2016 are bigger than all of the points they scored before 2016 doubled.
    – Meteor more than doubled their career point total in 2016.
    – Franklin have had a run of three consecutive victories in every season of Formula Virtual so far.
    – Despite not winning a race and only equaling their best Constructors’ Championship finish, Ingram nearly doubled upon their personal best point total for a season.
    – Over 85% of Lopez’s career points were scored in 2016.
    – AMR have now scored points in 5 consecutive races for the first time.
    – Westwood have never had a consistent driver line up for a whole season. Even Meteor have managed to have a consistent driver line up for a whole season.
    – Westwood scored less than half of the points that they did in 2014 but finished two positions higher in the championship.
    – Downton fell off of a cliff in 2016: they scored less than 5% of their point total from 2015 with two additional races to do it in. This means that they 2015 point total was over 20 times the size of their 2016 point total.
    – Ocelot have the worst best finishing result after competing for two full seasons than any other team has had after they competed for two full seasons.
    – Ocelot are on a personal worst points scoring drought of 16 races.
    – FUN and Franklin’s point totals had less than a 2% difference. This is the smallest difference that has separated two teams in the constructors’ table (excluding teams that didn’t score points).
    – Holmqvist have the worst best finishing result of any team in any season. Their best finish was a 15th by Kiara Thunder in Belgium.
    – Aron Einarsson has the worst best finishing result of any driver to have completed the majority of the season. His best finish was 20th, which he achieved three times. This is well behind all of the other ‘new’ team drivers that completed the full season.
    – North Star only had four classified finishes that were outside of the top 20. FIRST, on the other hand, had twelve but still managed to beat North Star in the final standings.
    – North Star finished best of the new teams 15 of 18 times but did not win the battle of the new teams. FIRST finished best of the new teams 2 times and Holmqvist finished best of the new teams once.
    – The following teams have finished in the top 6 for the last three seasons: Franklin, DS, and Ingram.
    – DS set the record for most 1-2 finishes in a season with four after their 1-2 in Brazil.
    – FUN became the first team in Formula Virtual history to fail to score points in four consecutive races and win a race in the same season.
    – Enrique Ruiz had more points and podiums than teammate Wagner, but Wagner won three races to Ruiz’s zero.
    – This is the longest stats list that I have ever compiled (I think), with 59 stats including this one.

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    Adam Blocker

    I am surprised to see Schnyder promoted to Formula Virtual. His junior series record is not that impressive, although it might be more impressive than Christodoulou’s. I don’t think he will last that long and Westwood will probably end up making yet another driver change.

    I am also surprised to see that most of you guys think that FIRST, North Star, and Holmqvist will struggle next season. Personally, I think the three of us will start the season off fighting for points and then slip backwards a bit, but we won’t be rock bottom or way off the pace like some of you guys are suggesting. Remember that all three of us are keeping both drivers from 2016 so we won’t fall behind after the European upgrades kick in. Also AMR proved that a new team can be successful in its second season, they finished 7th and then have managed to stay in the midfield ever since. In my opinion, Warrior/Lopez and Ocelot made some serious strategic blunders that made their second season performance poor.

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    Adam Blocker

    I have a lot to say after the race and the developments.

    Firstly, I would like to thank @robocat for running the series, all of my fellow team owners for contributing to a great community, and anyone else participating in the forum for adding to the community as well. 2016 was a good season for the series, and hopefully 2017 will be the first season where all of the teams from the previous season return. If that happens, and I think it will, then that will go to show that the series is the strongest it has ever been. It’s always good when you don’t lose anybody!

    In regards to the performance of FIRST, we had a fairly good final race of 2016 given how much we developed our car and the situation. We wrapped up the all important 11th place without having to really push that much to do it, which puts us in a good position for next season. North Star definitely gave us a good run for our money, and arguably deserve 11th more than we do but we aren’t going to give it up :p.

    FUN moving to Volvo brings in a new manufacturer to the sport, which is good. It also gives them an excuse to be off of the pace next season. Hopefully they don’t paint their car light blue, I want the FIRST cars to be easily identifiable on track.

    It is also nice to see Enzo Domenicalli return to racing, although I wish it were in Formula Virtual. I’m sure he will do well in IndyVirtual, as he will be mostly accompanied by drivers who aren’t good enough for Formula Virtual. He and Marcus Thunder will expose that series as a Mickey Mouse series if they are given proper equipment.

    Also, congrats to @mathers on winning the championship with Adrien Simon. It is cool to see a driver rewarded for staying loyal to a team for once.

    Also, I will do the stats for Brazil and the season as a whole eventually, but I have to say this first: @sirspuddington @bradley13 You guys said that Formula Virtual has never had a rookie champion. In my opinion, that is false. Enrique Ruiz won the 2014 championship despite only having started 4 races prior to that season. Considering that after racing only 4 races, a driver is still allowed to participate in junior series, I would say that Ruiz was a rookie in 2014.

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    Adam Blocker

    6th and 8th in practice!!!!!!! Where did that come from!?

    @robocat Did you get the rain sorted out?

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    Adam Blocker

    I don’t know for Melbourne, but I think the general order for next season will be something like this:

    1. DS
    2. Franklin
    3. Downton
    4. Ingram
    5. Westwood
    6. Lopez
    7. FIRST
    8. AMR
    9. North Star
    10. Holmqvist
    11. Meteor
    12. FUN
    13. Ocelot

    I think next season will be very interesting because there will be 13 potential points scoring teams instead of 10, making the midfield insanely competitive.

    For what it’s worth I have no idea where to put Meteor, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were up front or in the back.

    Edit: Also it was nice to see Kannan GP have a good debut season! Zozulya and Pérez did a solid job, hopefully they continue to improve.

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    Adam Blocker

    @robocat, @bradley13, @diceman, @formula-1, @jamiefranklinf1, @mathers, @pezlo2013, @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1, @sirspuddington, @aiera-music, @redmist, @blockwall2, @theawesomefish, @holmqvist

    Bid for Stefan Klien: £150,000

    The Jochem van Sneheid bid is interesting. If he does end up getting the drive, then Franklin will have a clear number two driver. JvS is decent though and deserves to be in Formula Virtual. He might end up being more successful than his promising younger brother now!

    Also Jamie Gerrard’s chance at Formula Virtual has come and gone. I think he was close to getting the Liverpool drive in 2015 after two decent years of FV2. But now after two poor years of FV2 he is pretty much relegated to being a third driver and possibly doing IndyVirtual.

    Is there anyway that you can revert to a previous version of rFactor2? @robocat

    If you can’t figure it out I would be fine with a dry Brazilian V-Prix, but North Star and Holmqvist might not be ok with it.

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    Adam Blocker
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