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    Right – thought this might be of interest: I’ve taken all the ratings posted here and using the current F1 points system, tried to create a consensus ranking. I used all posts which had a clear 1 to 10 (a couple only had 9, and some had drivers tied) and here’s what I came up with:

    1) Fernando Alonso 675
    2) Sebastian Vettel 521
    3) Lewis Hamilton 520
    4) Kimi Raikkonen 394
    5) Jenson Button 214
    6) Nico Hulkenberg 210
    7) Mark Webber 176
    8) Sergio Perez 123
    9) Michael Schumacher 50
    10) Felipe Massa 47
    11) Nico Rosberg 35
    12) Romain Grosjean 24
    13=) Kamui Kobayashi 23
    13=) Pastor Maldonado 23
    15) Daniel Ricciardo 3
    16) Paul Di Resta 1

    Some thoughts:
    – Alonso, unsurprisingly, came top.
    – How close was it between Vettel and Hamilton for second!?
    – I lost count of the number of fourth place rankings for Raikkonen
    – 99% of top 4s were a combinations of Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen
    – 5-7 was usually a combination of Button, Hulkenberg and Webber
    – Perez got a mixed bag of reviews. Quite a few top 6s, but also a lot of times outside the top 10 altogether.
    – Grosjean got the vast majority of his points from the first couple of pages of ratings, Perez the majority from the last couple of pages. Not sure if this has any significance, but it’s a trend I noticed

    So, any thoughts?

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