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    BasCB - "@xtwl Better not to give attention to the posts of that troll (rather use PMs or the conctact form). I guess the guy gets extra motivated when he sees us actually reacting to them"View
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    OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! - "I found my maiden and so far only COTD was on June 12, 2013. Here it was “I’m predicting him to be a five (or even six) times champion when this contract ends. Probably renewed again. Why would he leave if the t […]"View
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    Enigma - "@mian Have you managed to take a screenshot?"View
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    Fixy - "#CiaoJules"View
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    Girts - "Finally grew tired of the lack of free mugs at my office and bought a Max Chilton mug for myself"View
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    ColdFly F1 - "Been an active paying member, but very disappointed about the very poor m0deration on this site! Some posts get deleted without warning or explanation (even when fully adhering to the rules). At the same time […]"View
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    BBT - "Lovey time from Di Resta in FP3, fastest of the non big teams :-)"View
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    Ads21 - "Happy for @steph that Felipe had a good session, like we keep saying he’s really not driving badly this year"View
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    Ritesh - "Just done my 2nd Indian GP and 11th overall. I’d like that number to grow quite a bit next year. :)"View
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    geo132 - "@geemac Hi, I saw you posted in the “how to watch F1 in your region” post regarding AD Sports 2 – are you sure they’re still broadcasting? I didn’t see anything on their channel during the Australian GP and AFAIK […]"View
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    David - "Magnussen looked good today, future champ I think"View
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    Dan Thorn - "Is it wrong to have so many favourite drivers?"View
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    Becki Ogbourne - "Silverstone – 6, 7, 8 Jul Practice 1 9 DAYS 21 HOURS 11 MINUTES Woo Hoo!"View
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    David Moorhead - "Due to technical glitches I have only been able to access my blog today so the race report is only up now. Still check it out at"View
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