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    Fernandes’ Lotus team is called Team Lotus-Renault just now.

    Lotus-Renault is the Enstone based team that Kubica drives for, and won the championship twice with Alonso.

    Therefore I would conclude it is the latter that is launching at the autosport show.

    Question! Fernandes Lotus were sposored by Proton last year, will the sponsorship stay even though Proton now have their own team in the Lotus Renault team?



    1. Driver of the year? – Fernando Alonso

    2. Team of the year? – Renault

    3. Most improved driver from 2009 season? – Mark Webber

    4. Most improved team from 2009 season? – Mclaren

    5. Best Race from the 2010 season? – Canada

    6. Worst Race from the 2010 season – Bahrain or Germany

    7. Best overtake from the 2010 season? – Kubica on Button and Massa at Valencia

    8. Best stategy call of the season? – Either of Button’s early season tyre calls

    9. Worst Stategy call of the season? – Pit Alonso early in Abu Dhabi

    10. Best of the New Teams? – Lotus Racing

    11. Best Driver from the New teams? – Timo Glock

    12. Best Rookie in 2010? – Kamui Kobayashi

    13. Biggest Disapointment Driver of 2010? – Pedro De La Rosa or Sebastian Buemi

    14. Biggest Disapointment Team of 2010? – Torro Rosso (HRT weren’t last)

    15. Biggest scandal of 2010? – Flexi Wings

    16. Best crash of 2010? – When Mark Webber attempted a back flip in Valencia!

    17. Best performance in 2010 by someone other than a driver? – Redbull designers.

    18. Worst performance in 2010 by someone other than a driver? – WMSC for not taking any further action on the Ferrari team orders.

    19. Best quote of 2010? – “Not bad for a number two driver!”

    20. Was the 2010 season the best ever? – Yes

    F1 2011

    21. Predicted Drivers Champion? – Ferando Alonso

    22. Predicted Teams Champion? – Mclaren

    23. First of the new teams to score a point? Is Lotus Renault a new team? No, other Lotus then.

    24. First driver to be sacked? – Vitantonio Liuzzi if he gets the 2011 F1 seat.

    25. Will the Indian GP be a success? – Yes.

    26. Where will Hulkenburg? – Not in an F1 race seat.

    27. Which team will step up in 2011? – Sauber or Force India

    28. Will the lifting of the team orders ban negatively affect racing? – It won’t change a thing.

    29. Will the new regulations increase overtaking? – KERS will!

    30. Biggest scandal of 2011? – It will involve Fernando – it always does :P



    Orange has been used recently in testing. This was because they needed to colour the car until a replacement title sponsor for West was found.

    Mclaren MP4-21 (Orange Testing Livery)

    A return to orange paint might seem like a good idea because it links back to Mclaren’s roots however, the title sponsor Vodafone might be against the colour orange being used simply because one of their major competitors in the phone business is called Orange…

    There is a rumour going about saying the colour scheme for 2011 is simply – Anthracite, Red, Chrome – which some guy on Autosport claims his Mclaren employee mate of mate told him. :/

    Anthracite is a shiny black kind of coal, which must be what the black in the clothing is marketed as. Red will be the rocket red and chrome the same chrome.

    A livery based on the non-symetrical hats wouuld be unique??



    GT1 championship? I know that Grosean went there and has done well.



    I got Lewis Hamilton: My Story, which only goes up to 2007…. Quite interesting to see who was racing in Karts with him (Rosberg and Kubica cameoed :P), and the fallout with Alonso which was apparent from the start. I hated the reality of the last chapter however, covering China and Brazil. :(

    I have enough money to splurge on F1 related stuff in the sales however. :D



    Just for coping – I;d have to put forward Vettel at Spa when he did one stint from the start to second last lap, or Alonso in Monaco when he went from the second lap to the end!



    Vettel, Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.




    I don’t want them to change, I like the chrome – chrome is modern and not just for bathtaps!

    I had noticed their team members were wearing black shirts/tshirts with red trim in the Advent Calander photos, but never thought about a change of car colour – I hope they don’t but have a feeling Mercedes Benz may be behind it…

    Edit: I just viewed the team shop. The new hats remind me of Virgin F1’s livery which is not what Mclaren would have been going for… however I have to say the black clothing looks ‘delightfully evil’ to quote Stewie Griffin. :P

    Nicked from Autosport Forum: Black Mclaren



    Here’s my opinion.

    Lotus to be best of the new teams again, followed by Lotus, followed by an HRT that withdraws midseason with 0 points.

    Lotus to be better tha STR, Virgin to be about the same as STR but better by the end of the season.

    Lotus, and Virgin to score lucky points in early wet races but by the latter part of the season Lotus will be able to score low points as consistently as STR have done in 2010.



    As long as these are ‘keepers’ I’ll be happy enough

    United Kingdom – Silverstone

    Belgium – Spa

    Italy – Monza

    Monaco – Monte Carlo

    Japan – Suzuka

    I’d add Shanghai – for some reason I’ve had a random craving to go to a race there!!



    Naughty Nikkie would really pee off one of my mates… I hope it’s that!!



    I think Lotus Renault will beat them in Bahrain… unless it rains!!! :P



    — Double post —



    Or the extremely blurry picture from Mclaren showing the new tub being crafted from carbon fibre – I beleive it has been released already. :P

    Last year was good, we got the Ferrari and Williams in race livery a couple of days before launch. :D



    Only Ferrari are guarenteed to produce good cars year after year – in the last decade they produced one bad car – if he wants more titles he will have to go as Alonso’s post retirement replacement at Maranello. I hope to see this happening in 4 or 5 years time.

Viewing 15 posts - 511 through 525 (of 528 total)