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    BasCB - "@f1bobby Good to hear you had a great time! Sadly not making to to any races this year for me. But I might try for either Austria or Germany next year. "View
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    alexf1man - "Finally the website allows me to update the avatar! "View
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    Fixy - "My new avatar – Felipe’s helmet! Here is the explanation: http://bit.ly/1jrsZVJ "View
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    Joe Papp - "@pmccarthy_is_a_legend your pro cost-cap comments are legend! so nice to finally read rational, critical commentary that undermines the reactionary pro-RedBull anti-cost control emotive bleating! "View
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    Dejan - "FENOMENALE ALONSO !!!!!!! "View
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    alvink - "Season is over. Looking forward to next year. "View
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    Joe Corry - "In the caption I think Bernie is saying to Felipe…”listen son, we’re goin green, so be quiet and start peddling.” "View
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    David Moorhead - "Due to technical glitches I have only been able to access my blog today so the race report is only up now. Still check it out at http://www.davidmoorhead.wordpress.com/ "View
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