• Why they want to change the format of the weekend I don’t know. Wasn’t that one of the things shown in the GP survey that most people thought was OK? Why is the sport I love so much run by people who obviously […]

  • Why they keep adding DRS zones one after the other I don’t know. As if anyone is going to use the first one just to be overtaken immediately after!

    It really is time to drop DRS. It’s ruining races now that are […]

  • I’m not sure why the FIA feel the need to ‘improve the show’ at all. I remember the seasons before DRS, KERS and wear quick tyres were extremely exciting. Think back to 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Did anything need […]

  • Also ‘On This Day in F1…’ the Portuguese GP took place in 1992. I remember it well as it was my first GP and Mansell won followed by the 2 Mclarens. What an amazing experience it was! I am so pleased I got to […]

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    In reply to: Keith Collantine posted an update Last year’s Predictions Championship winner was @todfod, who won a pair of three-day tickets to Silverstone for this weekend’s British Grand Prix as his prize. Unfortunately, Todfod has become unable to attend the race at short notice. However he has very kindly offered to send his prize to an F1 Fanatic reader who can make use of them. He expect he can get the tickets to them by Thursday, obviously you’ll have to arrange your own travel, accommodation etc… As we need to send the tickets as soon as possible we need to set a very short deadline on entry. Therefore to enter please post your answer to the following question below. A winner will be picked at 2pm today UK time, just under two hours from now. You will be notified via the F1 Fanatic internal messaging service. Please be ready to reply to that message as soon as possible to we can minimise the delay in getting them to you. Thanks again to Todfod for being so considerate. Here’s the question, good luck! Which driver won the 2011 British Grand Prix? Terms and conditions 1. Maximum one entry per household. 2. The competition is not open to […]>>> View

    Fernando Alonso.

  • I hate that Williams have slid to the back of the pack. The first GP I attended was the 1992 Potruguese GP where Williams dominated.

    Here’s hoping they can pull it back and start winning some races […]

  • You know, I may be talking out of the wrong hole here but does anyone else think it is strange that Vettelis SO much faster than Webber? I don’t believe that Vettel is that much better than Webber but still he […]

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