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    watching the spa 98 race on the red button a couple of weeks ago… realise how far safety has come on at spa. at that point, parts of the track were still closed public roads with little to no run off.

    Now of course run off areas like pouhon have been de gravel trapped but i still think the fences aren’t high enough. IF (AND ITS A BIG IF) webber and alonso had made contact in the compression of eau rough, the positioning of the fences in front of the stands overlooking this immense corner would have made it difficult to contain the debris from the crowd.

    I know this will bring up the age old ‘motor racing is dangerous….it says so on the ticket’ argument but should there not be an FIA fund for sorting these issues out, with all the technology available we should be looking at improving these issues.

    motor sport has been lucky recently with a number of accidents on what the FIA deem safe circuits but we can never get complacent in terms of safety. apologises for the length of this post but raised a few issues in my mind…..but back to point did anyone else see the safety truck heading towards graham rahal on the exit on turn 1 at baltimore…..MOMENTS from disaster. Street circuits represent the most dangerous circuit, but the new ones (mainly f1) are being designed in a way to use runoff where possible. i think i got out what i wanted to say but apologises if i rambled on a bit

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)