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    Guys i’m sorry about the above mess and if I have falsely reassured people. We got our tickets sent from ages ago but did book last october. I’m guess that they were legit but ran into money problems/temptation


    – it was just
    It came up as marilyn wout
    I guess maybe they’re busier this time of year – I was concerned like yourself – I actually posted in here about it
    as I said though I needn’t have worried so I hope you’re reassured


    dean – I got mine from them, ordered in october,
    received a few weeks ago so don’t panic
    also I found the replied to emails within a working day or two
    craig – thanks for the info


    So tickets are here, summer is here, the countdown to spa begins. I can’t believe that after this weekend it’s the next race.
    I wanted a couple of things clarified if possible
    We are in gold 9 – before raceway can we go into GA and sit on the grass assuming its dry?

    Can you take food and/or drinks into the ground?



    Does anyone know if there is radio signal for UK stations in spa?
    I was thinking about getting a personal DAB to get 5live sports extra commentary for practice sessions etc but don’t want to shell out £20 if it’s not available


    I contacted walkabout cardiff, they are showing the race this weekend, I presume that may be the same throughout the uk


    Hi Guys
    Got my tickets ordered and the elephant camping sorted for next year – can’t wait.
    Hoping someone can put my mind at rest,
    I got my tickets from
    I know realise that this isn’t the official site
    but has anyone else ever got tickets from these guys and was everything okay?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)