• Hi Christro4lee, Thanks for the response to my query about Thursday. It looks as if we are not able to collect race weekend tickets until Thursday afternoon so either the circuit is closed Thursday morning, or it is open to everyone.
      I am flying into Houston on Tuesday evening but i then have an immediate 24 hour business trip to Dallas getting back to Houston late afternoon on the Wednesday.
      I am staying at America’s Best Value Inn in Giddings. It is certainly good value and thankfully I will not need to spend much time there. It is a long way from the circuit which could be a pain as, on Thursday night, there is a Hells Belles gig at the circuit amphitheatre which I quite fancied, but that would be a late night and a long unfamiliar drive back to Giddings. I may just sleep in the car if they allow overnight parking on Thursday in the designated parking lots at the circuit!
      Someone mentioned that some of the road are toll roads and a prepaid toll pass will save time as the toll booths are likely to get very busy during the race weekend. Are you familiar with these toll passes and where do you get them from?

      • As a Brit coming over for the race. Is this the thing that you folks refer to as “Will Call”?
        I’ve booked four three day tickets.I had expected them to be posted as they charged enough for handling. I hadn’t planned on going to the circuit until Saturday. Now I might have to pop along on Friday too rather than face lenghty queues on Saturday.
        Staying in Austin so a taxi might be cheap enough.

      • It’s going to be my first trip to Austin, so I’m not sure how the tolls work there, but the car rentals should be helpful enough in explaining everything. I too plan to spend very little time at the hotel and most of it at the track or in downtown Austin to catch the Fanfest shows.