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    Couldn’t agree more with the comments here; having been for the wednesday and thursday and doing the pitwalk on the thursday it was a great couple of days.
    It was great to be at Silverstone seeing constant F1 running without the massive crowds of a Grand Prix – a very chilled out atmosphere really.

    Also agree with the comments about Caterham putting on a good show with their pitstop practise – grabbed a video of that which is here:
    We didn’t manage to meet any drivers but did have a chat with the Marussia team principle who was really happy to answer questions. (
    Caterham were also happy to let people into the pitbox at the end of the pitwalk to have their photo taken with the car and Ferrari were doing the same for children (I have a very cool photo of my 7year/old with last year’s Ferrari!)

    If anyone is interested some photos are here of day 1 (, day 2 ( and the pitwalk itself (

    I have one other video here but might try uploading some more:



    I have some photos from Day 1 and 2 (unable to get down for day 3 but had a good time watching the first couple of days)

    Photos from day 1:

    Photos from day 2:

    I have taken some video but my videoing skills aren’t amazing!

    Here is one short video, I will look through my other filmed bits at some point and add links here at some point: (short clip from Day 1)

    * @keithcollantine hope this is the right place to post photos btw



    Hoping that the race won’t be a procession – there wasn’t *lots* of overtaking and if Pirelli are bringing hard and medium tyres AND they are using a new construction of tyre too … could happen? … Hopefully not!

    re: beer … maybe I just got lucky last year, bags were checked, but took *lots* of plastic bottles of beer into the track … they did some nice fruit-flavoured beers in the supermarket in plastic bottles!
    There were cheap cans of lager available in the circuit, but certainly not as cheap as from the supermarkets!



    @bjoy re the podium photos:
    The start-finish straight of the track is opened after the chequered flag and you can go onto the track to stand in front of the podium. We went down onto the track and up to end of the start/finish straight to watch the interviews (with Placido Domingo of all people last year!) and celebrations.
    Could also stand and watch the teams congratulating each other etc.
    We watched Sky filming interviews with the McLaren team and stood watching into the garage for a while.

    Also went for Red Bull g/stand for price, a lot cheaper than the grandstands either side but with an almost identical view … from what I could tell anyway!



    Thought I would give this thread a bump as I received my tickets from GP Ticketshop for the Hungarian Grand Prix today. Very much looking forward to it!



    Agree with all of Robo Nazdar’s comments.

    I went to the HungarianGP for the first time last year and am going back this year (just booked flights and hotels actually) – my plan is to stay in the Erzsebetvaros, Pest area close to rail links and use the HEV train. We used the HEV last year but didn’t actually bother with the shuttle bus – walked up a hill (steep & v/ hot but with lots of other fans) & through the campsites to the track.

    +1 for the drunk finnish spectators comment –> all v/friendly though!

    Flights seem to be booking up – I have actually added an extra day before and after because flight times were so much better so will fit in some sightseeing (and bar-exploring!).

    Last year we used the Gold 5 grandstand which was good to see cars leaving the pitlane and heading into the first turn. This year I have gone for the Red Bull stand (NOT due to any team allegiance though!) for a view of the final turn.

    My main tips for anyone interested:
    If you are going on the pit walk on the Thursday aim to get their EARLY. We arrived at the advertised time and there were already queues up the hill from the track and the pitlane was very overcrowded!

    If you plan to walk from the HEV station to the track pack something comfortable to walk in!!

    Try to get around the bars in the Pest area – some very cool ‘ruin’-style bars to spend some time in if you have a day or 2 spare.

    I have some photo sets on here from the trip I took last year (a row or 2 down for Hungary 2012)

    Sorry for such a long post but hopefully something useful in there!



    anyone else going hoping for some nicer weather? – bit of rain over the race weekend possible!

    remember the race last year had a sprinkling at the start and made it quite interesting – would prefer dry and sunny though as a spectator at the circuit in a uncovered grandstand!



    @florian Georgescu – glad you are receiving them next week although the week of the GP is pretty close isn’t it?

    We are going to Hungary on Monday for a few days in Budapest before the pit walk on Thursday afternoon and then dedicating Friday-Sunday to the F1 weekend. If our tickets weren’t sent until next week we’d be stuck as flight is booked for monday!!!!

    When were you planning on going out to Hungary?



    @lee, I also have Gold 5 tickets = a free Bryan Adams concert – that’s what it says on GPTicketShop (where I bought mine) – not sure if i’d go though to be honest! lol

    I’m also looking forward to seeing GP2 – been following it this year thanks to Sky’s F1 channel.

    The weather has been looking pretty good – really hope it is nice as planning on going out to Budapest on the monday to make a holiday out of the first part of the week.

    People might also be interested in this link: looks like you can apply for the chance to use a fanvision system for free on the friday – i’ve applied as think it would be good to try one out!



    We are sitting in Gold 5 – went for this as though would have good view of pit out and DRS zone!

    Would also be interested to hear what time people in past have arrived for open pit walk on the Thursday.



    Hi fellow-Hungarian GP goers,

    I’ll be attending the Hungaroring for my first F1 GP – will be sitting in Gold 5. Bought the tickets though & received them this week.

    Very much looking forward to the race & weekend.

    People who have attended before: would you recommend the free bus transfer or rail to get from Budapest (where staying) to the track – I imagine the buses might be quite busy/in demand if free.


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