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    I feel that Hamilton’s double-pass around the outside of first one Toro Rosso – and immediately pulling off another on the second – was overtaking and opportunism of the highest quality. I say this in the midst of a race which had a number of excellent moves, but unlike some of them, what Hamilton did here was not the result of DRS or tyres.

    As an instructor, I often make notes if I get opportunity to watch a race. Here is some of what I wrote at the time (which ignores DRS overtakes except for Schumacher’s frustrated attempt):

    Alo Mas g/starts
    Maldo falling
    Alo going. Rabbit!
    Ham v Senna
    Schumuck v Senna Oh dear no excuse. Job on line. Xpect bull.
    Kobay v Button may touch – yes. Close!
    Karthi mob-chic for Maldo (Blue Pen?)
    Ham should PIT. Y DLA?
    Vett v Butt nice move. Tyres?
    Maldo win? Frank willb Xing fings. Watch Alo & Raik
    Ham double-O/t Turn 4! v Toros! Super xmple
    Vett v Butt (∆ as abv ≠ tys?)
    Kob v Rosberg? tys?
    Vett v Ros (yes ∆ as abv tys gone)
    Alo to lap Massa ≥ job on line

    Excuse the shorthand but that’s how it’s written amongst all manner of other hieroglyphics!



    I am quite certain Rubens’ days in F1 are over.

    However, one must admire his optimism and desire to return, especially when considering the rather obvious conclusion that he would most likely be a firm ‘number 2’ once again, if it happened with Ferrari.

    Then again, despite his protestations at his treatment when teamed with Schumacher, most of us know he’d do it all again if he could…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)