• Andy Davies posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    F1 Bahrain Grand Prix 20th – 22nd April 2012.


    I, myself, after finally hearing the decision that F1 will be going to Bahrain, started getting excited about another Grand Prix.

    I am still in between whether F1 should race there or not at this time, purely for the fact that F1 personnel might just get caught up in the drama in some sort of way, even though it quite possibly will not be intentional from the Bahraini protestors to do so.

    This kind of thing can happen at any race on the calendar, anyone remember an armed attempt hijack on Jenson Button in Sao Paulo?

    As it is, we are having a Grand Prix and I hope no more F1 personnel, be it Teams, Sponsors, Media or Fans get caught up in the unfortunate circumstances taking place in Bahrain at this time.

    I also wish my best to the people of Bahrain, and hopefully a swift recovery to peace and freedom for all.


    What a race in Shanghai. Who would have thought Nico Rosberg would have taken victory?

    No one!

    I certainly did not think it. I was amazed when other cars started to pit, and there was Nico Rosberg still pulling away.

    It was a class act. Lights to flag. I am sure Nico Rosberg has driven many a race in the same way as he did in Bahrain, only his car has not quite lived up to the competition.

    Will Mercedes be able to keep up the momentum and challenge for pole position and even the race victory in Bahrain?

    It certainly would be good for the championship, as Mclaren seem to have the best all round package.

    Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are both very fast, and Mclaren have come up with their best car at the start of a season since 2008 in my books.

    Lots of the other teams have also got the job done and made some fantastic cars, Sauber, Lotus and Williams spring to mind.

    Sauber, with Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi, doing a very solid job, Perez scoring a 2nd place in Malaysia and Kobayashi qualifying in 3rd position in Shanghai. (promoted to 3rd after Hamilton gear box penalty)

    Lotus have looked fast, Romain Groejean qualifying well in the first two races, and Kimi Raikonen having a strong showing in Malaysia and Shanghai, only for his tyres to fall off the cliff.

    Williams have made massive steps over the winter, and have looked like qualifying top ten so far this season, and with a double points finish last time out at Shanghai, it’s definitely on the way up for Williams.

    It will be difficult then, for Mercedes to seal pole position and race victory again in Bahrain.

    I expect to see Mclaren a lot stronger in Bahrain, I’ll go for Lewis Hamilton on pole position, although Michael Shcumacher and Nico Rosberg will be close, helped of course with their DRS duct.

    I don’t believe it will have a great as effect as it did in Shanghai, but it will still give them a slight advantage going into qualifying.

    Red Bull should have a stronger showing in Bahrain, they’ve had a few races to iron out some set-up work with their car.

    They still haven’t quite got the pace, but I’m sure they’ll get a little back in time for Europe.

    Ferrari with Alonso have done a good job you would have to say, although their car is not the best they have ever produced.

    They won’t challenge for the championship this year, I’m going to stick my neck out, I just think they have too much to claw back in qualifying pace.

    Toro Rosso and Force India have slightly disappointed, I thought Toro Rosso would have done better, but then again Sauber and Williams have done so well to over take them both.

    The three teams at the back, Caterham, Marussia and HRT, really have not made much progress to closing in on the pack.

    Caterham I thought would be there with Force India, Toro Rosso and in the hunt for scoring some points, but unless cars in front of them crash or have mechanical problems, I can see more of the same for them.

    Marussia, more of the same for them to be honest, only they will be looking to beat Caterham, and on occasions, will.

    HRT have made a really decent effort, but they are five to seven seconds off the pace.

    So form wise, the battle for pole will be between the Mclaren and Mercedes drivers, with the possibility of a surprise from either Lotus or Sauber.

    The battle behind them will be very close, and too hard to call!

    In the mix for the top ten will be Lotus, Sauber, Ferrari, Red Bull, and Williams.

    Race Day.

    I’m going to go for the Mclaren of Jenson Button. Bahrain is quite twisty in places, and the temperature will be hot. Ideal conditions for Jenson to heat up his tyres, and he manages his tyres better than Lewis.

    Quite possibly Mercedes could be in the hunt if they look after their tyres as well as they did in China.

    I expect to see Michael being closer to Nico this Race, China isn’t exactly Michael’s best track.

    I think the teams will look to stop three times, but seen as they haven’t been to Bahrain with Pirelli tyres, who knows?

    We will soon find out on Sunday.

    I’d like to see a podium with Schumacher and Raikkonen, it would be really good for the two drivers after coming back into the sport, and would silence some of the people who criticised Schumacher’s come back, and also Raikkonen’s ‘lack’ of interest.

    A good race is what everyone wants, I’m certainly looking forward to the battles down the field between all the mid-field teams, it’s really close in there.

    Tyre degradation will be crucial, 3.8 miles of 15 corners in the Bahraini desert.


    F1 is on the verge of a fantastic season, we have had so many since 2005. Last year wasn’t amazing, but no chance of that this year!

    I hope everyone enjoys the race, and the close battles of the teams.

    Lets hope that the situation can improve in Bahrain, and that no F1 teams get caught up in the political protests.