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    Michael, I didn’t try to get to the podium from 33. I thought it would be too far away and that I wouldn’t be able to get close enough anyway. Other than a garage tour on Friday (thanks to McLaren) I didn’t explore very far from the immediate area.

    Maybe you could do a dry run on one of the earlier days and see how long it takes you to get to that part of the circuit, and then you can see whether it’s worth trying (and report back to us if you can)? I’d be interested in trying to do the same from where I am, but I can’t see where the podium is on the map and I suspect I won’t be allowed to cross the track/pitlane from where I’m sitting.

    I did walk along the track after the race – they opened up a gap in the fence near to 33, and lots of us walked a good distance along it.