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    As someone who actually still watches F1 on Sport1 I think it’s worth to buy Sport 1. Compared to the commentary last year, when I even considered to cancel my subscription to Sport 1, Olav is doing a superb job.

    The pre-race preview is the same as it was at RTL (technical analysis, interview with a F1 driver/team-boss), a Dutch F1 test driver (Robin Frijns or Guido van der Garde) is often involved during the race-weekend either in an interview, explaining technical stuff to the audience or making a top-3 prediction for quali and race.

    The commentary of Olav is much better compared to the commentator last year and also to himself in the latter years of RTL. He looks happier and is also much more excited when he commentates nowadays. He still makes mistakes but it’s not as bad as it’s used to be and the excitement he gives you by watching it makes it less noticeable.

    The other advantages at Sport 1 are that there are no commercials during the race and that they show the victory lap and the post-race sequence even though it ends after the podium interviews. You also have GP2 and GP3 which you can watch after the race.

    It’s up to you whether you consider this worth to buy Sport 1 but as BBC only shows half the races and the commentary at RTL is dreadful I think that it’s worth to buy Sport 1 (defenitely compared to last year).



    We’ve got a winner. RetardedF1sh won for his answer “Berger because he didn’t get his first win with Ferrari”.



    Nice guess but not the one I’m looking for

    Other hint: They all drove for Ferrari



    Next we have:

    Felipe Massa
    Niki Lauda
    Gerhard Berger
    Clay Regazzoni

    Hint: Something to do with race wins.



    Pastor Maldonado, because he’s the only one who has never qualified in Q3 this year



    Here’s my circuit.
    EDIT : Sorry, something went wrong there and the link used to be the normal circuit and now I’ve changed it so my circuit is here now.



    Well after I had seen these rankings on this forums I thought it was interesting to see how the average mid-season rankings would look like. And after some calculations, this is how the mid-season driver rankings would look like if people could vote for it.

    1 – Sebastian Vettel
    2 – Lewis Hamilton
    3 – Kimi Raikkonen
    4 – Fernando Alonso
    5 – Nico Rosberg
    6 – Paul di Resta
    7 – Mark Webber
    8 – Nico Hülkenberg
    9 – Adrian Sutil
    10 – Jenson Button
    11 – Daniel Ricciardo
    12 – Romain Grosjean
    13 – Jules Bianchi
    14 – Jean-Eric Vergne
    15 – Sergio Perez
    16 – Felipe Massa
    17 – Valteri Bottas
    18 – Pastor Maldonado
    19 – Charles Pic
    20 – Guido van der Garde
    21 – Esteban Guiterrez
    22 – Max Chilton

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)