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    I will try to rake them in base of their skills(or the way i see them), rather than their success. Success in formula 1 are highly linked with the speed of the car and the quality of the team, at the end is a winning package and not a winning person. As the thread here is for drivers and not for packages, i will try to give my opinion on this.

    1. Fernando Alonso
    2. Lewis Hamilton
    3. Michael Schumacher
    4. Sebastian Vettel
    5. Kimi Raikkonen
    6. Robert Kubica
    7. Jenson Button
    8. Felipe Massa
    9. Mika Hakkinen
    10. Rubens Barrichello


    @dubs thx mate
    take us updated especially the race day.



    And what is supposed to say in front of the camera…”yes is true we all love Alonso and we want him to win”…he just gave a diplomatic answer that all the driver will do…
    in the two last occasion where drivers were called to vote the best driver in the grid : Alonso won

    But in my opinion every driver that wins the championship deserve the championship.So who ever win will deserve…


    More i know about Hamilton’s life…more i like him …i hope one day he will drive for Ferrari


    for the championship….who cares for the race


    It won’t be an exciting race, it will be on of the most boring race of the year. It will be dry all weekend.
    Vettel will have a liquid pressure problem and will have a DNF versus lap 36. Alonso will finish second. Hamilton will win the race Webber third.
    Alonso wins his 3rd WDC


    @raymondu999 probably you are right…and i dont think that if Hamilton was in the place of Button in Abu Dhabi the race would have finished like that


    @freelittlebirds again regarding your question:
    “If they have a chance to block one of the drivers or let another go by who do you think they would block?”

    I think @keithcollantine is right, everybody will make their races and not thinking to block anyone.

    But… i have a personal impression that: Hamilton wants Alonso to win and Raikkonen wants Vettel to win while Button wants nobody to win..:)
    I can understand Hamilton and Raikkonen for their choice but i really don’t understand Button..


    I see your point and you are right, i mostly agree. Alonso has been unlucky this season, Suzuka and Spa were two races were he could easily score 2 second places and in the worst scenario 2 3rd places so by now he should have a +30 at least wich should have put him at least +17 in regards to Vettel,I said and repeat “at least” because is the worst scenario he could/should have more than that. We have to calculate also the point that vettel lose in Malaysia so + 7 of vettel there we end up with Alonso +10 at least…going to Brasil

    In Monza Alonso wasn’t unlucky, because i do not consider mechanical problem unlucky or lucky situation. Mechanical problem are down to engineers and different departments and highly very highly related with the speed of the car. Mostly of the time teams sacrifice the speed to have a better reliability or they gamble with reliability to gain in speed…Ferrari have found a good reliability but not speed, Mclaren the opposite, Red Bull something in the middle.
    I also do not consider any type of penalty or punishment as luck or unluck. Penalties are consequences of an act. When a driver (or a team) make a move (which is called an act) he is fully responsible of the consequences, i.e Ferrari in Austin and Red Bull in Abu Dhabi makes their moves (Massa break seal, Vettel changed car) both these moves end up with penalties (Massa +5, Vettel start from pit lane) but can we call these unlucky?? for sure not. The penalty in f1 are the same as in all the others field of the life, if we consider penalty in f1 unlucky then also all the guys in prisons over the world must be all unlucky…

    What i consider unlucky/lucky situation is when something happens out of the control of the driver and the team.
    Accidents and weather are the two situation when the driver(and team) dont have any type of a control. By accidents i mean accident when a driver is not responsible: like Webber and Rosberg in Japan,the strike that grosejan make in Spa, Massa in Valencia, Button in Korea, Alonso in Japan, Vettel in Malaysia…etc
    By weather i mean that teams and driver canot predict how the weather is gonna end up(even if they have tools it’s a little bit of luck there)..they make a move and them 2 laps later start raining…it’s a bit of luck there even they make weather predictions.

    So to end up Alonso has been very unlucky this season it’s like he had the right to race 18 out of 20 races, and all the others were allowed to the full 20 races…but who knows all this unluck can be transformed in luck in the last race…because one thing is for sure to win the championship Alonso now needs luck that can be weather or accidents (involved vettel).


    Yes. Massa will do it Webber will do it…even they were leading the race…if they do the opposite they both will lose their job


    @dot_com i agree


    Wet weather will mix thinks but doesn’t means Alonso wins. Red Bull in Germany and Silverstone showed that in wet weather they were as strong as Ferrari…and the last wet session was quali in Germany so nearly 4 months ago in those times Ferrari was competitive also in dry condition…so many things could have changed…i hope not but i have a feeling that also wet weather will not be a advantage for Ferrari, in the last race they have shown problem with bringing the tyres in the right temp and we all know that in wet is all about the tyres how to make them work….


    @Cronies , @matthewf1

    You Both are right, but it wasn’t a red car that Vettel was driving so everything is ok. It’s available only when it’s a ferrari…so people can jump in everything…


    Nice try…well written, good thriller….:)
    but i read some things that aren’t logical for this year:
    1)Alonso gets a drive through (he had never get a penalty this year and as i remember the last was Malaysia 2011…nearly two years)
    2) Ferrari problem with tires in wet (in the 3 session of wet this year Malaysia,England,Germany they have got Victory, Pole, Pole)
    3) Schumacher and Mercedes that manages the tyres (even in Ross Brawns dreams) this is two much…
    4) Ferrari that makes two time the bad calls (as a team decisions they have been the best this year thought…that’s why Alonso said we have the best team)
    5) Ferrari lose the WDC and 2nd in WCC… a bad finish for a Ferrari fan (like me)…at least the 2 WCC..:)
    6) Vettel eliminated in Q2 in dry condition (even in my best dreams..:)..)

    But it will be good (for the spectacle) and good for Vettel fans but not Ferrari’s….but who knows.

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