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    In reply to: Keith Collantine posted an update Last year’s Predictions Championship winner was @todfod, who won a pair of three-day tickets to Silverstone for this weekend’s British Grand Prix as his prize. Unfortunately, […] View

    FERNANDO ALONSO, great race! Please make this my first GP of my life at 18, coincidentaly I booked work off this weekend to watch the race on tv whilst my brother is already going and has taunted me for the past few months :'( Im starting an apprenticeship at Mercedes AMG HPP in one month, I cant explain how much going to this race would help me. …[Read more]

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    @keithcollantine I can’t post a message on the page for the tickets so I apologise for a direct message to you. The winner was Alonso, luckily this could be my first Grand Prix of my life as I have booked work off to watch it on tv and my brother is going, he’s teased me for months :'(! So I am wishing myself good luck and thanks todford for your kindness!

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