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    Herbert-Trulli-Barrichello, wow! That would have been one of my favourites! The best one I saw was Vettel-Massa-Kobayashi at Suzuka 2012: Massa back after two years, Kobayashi for the first time in front of his home crowd… the shivers! Alonso-Raikkonen-Massa from Spain 2013 was also nice, three drivers with a Ferrari past or present, but I…[Read more]

  • Ricciardo! Looked on it from Friday, beat Kimi in qualy, was the man of the race with incredible moves at turn 1 despite slow top speed even with DRS, fought his way through despite suffering from others’ errors […]

  • To be honest, after the shock of seeing two Ferraris ahead the race had nothing until the pit stops. Though the action was down mostly to mistakes, that’s racing and I don’t pla to devaluate the entertainment this […]

  • @sam3110 beat me to it… I think the real constructors should not partner with rival teams, so Williams-Mercedes or even Lotus-Mercedes won’t do it for me. Williams-BMW seems to be going well, I’d add Sauber-Ferrari for their long-lasting relationship even under Petronas branding. Crazy where they ended up considering their early times as a…[Read more]

  • Bottas had a puncture, Massa a 5s penalty. Does that justify being 12th and 13th when a McLaren is 5th? They were never that much off pace, it was an awful job by them. Ferrari did everything perfectly, strategic […]

  • Ricciardo’s reaction to lifting the trophy absolutely did it for me. The circle before the race was too emotional, when everyone picked up their helmets and Jules’ one was left there for a minute before who I […]

  • @bradley13 I’m doing a career as… myself! Or we could say Massa, as I started in 2006 at Ferrari alongside Schumi and progressed till 2013, and the games always put me in Felipe’s seat. I’ve done 2013 already, I needed 2012 at Ferrari but I had to go through HRT and Caterham first :S I think in 2014 I’ll split the career between me (continue…[Read more]

  • Race 18: Abu Dhabi
    Qualifying: 7th – Race: 2nd
    I quickly realised my setup was very poor on traction: if my tyres were too cold or too worn I’d easily spin. Across the weekend I spun and several times almost did so at turns 6, 13, 18 and 21. In Q1 due to this I had to do lap, lap, slow-down lap and then lap a third time to take third place behind…[Read more]

  • @bradley13 I’m doing a career as… myself! Or we could say Massa: I started playing as Felipe in F1C mods 2006-2009, then Codies always put me in his seat in their games. I’ve done 2013 already and I needed 2012, but I had to go through HRT and Caterham first :S I guess in 2014 I’ll do two more seasons, one at Williams to continue Felipe’s career…[Read more]

  • @bradley13 well done on your career! I’ve got three races left before I pull the plug on the career mode in 2012, I want to drive for Ferrari at least one season in each game and 2014 is next once I’ve won the title for McLaren. 2015… we’ll see ;)
    And kudos for your brilliant tables – I don’t have my own wiki but I have the same tables on Excel!…[Read more]

  • Race 17: India
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    I was 7th in practice, 10th in Q1 and 4th in Q2, ahead of Alonso and Webber. In Q3 with my first lap I was two tenths faster than Vettel and than anyone else, and despite being slower in every sector on my second try I was still purple. I’m back on pole after two nightmare races, with Alonso qualifying…[Read more]

  • Race 16: South Korea
    Qualifying: 7th – Race: 16th
    I was lying 23rd in Q1 and took the inevitable decision to put option tyres on. After two laps I was 9th, more than glad to have passed the first round. I was 9th again in Q2, over a second slower than Alonso. In Q3 I halved the gap, qualifying 7th, and while Rosberg took pole Alonso was fifth.…[Read more]

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  • @jackysteeg I started following GP2 in 2011, and Bianchi was immediately one of my favourites. His rookie teammate Gutierrez had already won in Valencia, Jules was still on 0 wins at his second season. Then this race came, and I remember it so vividly. Such a brilliant battle, Jules came out ahead but Vietoris was just as good. Clean racing,…[Read more]

  • It may have not meant much to him, but it does now mean much to us. Though he used it for such a short time, in the future when a driver will pick his number 17 will be taken. By Jules. It’s like if he was still […]

  • Pantano above all, agree with @asanator, then Alessandro Nannini. A helicopter crash put end to his career not long after his first win…

  • Race 15: Japan
    Qualifying: 8th – Race: 12th
    I was slow over the whole weekend. I was only 16th in Q1 and 9th in Q2. In Q3 I set out for my first lap immediately, but I was still behind some cars. As we approached the bridge, rain started falling, the hairpin was difficult to take and the Spoon Kurve was impossible. Almost everyone ahead spun and I…[Read more]

  • No, because Hulkenberg. But Kimi is still a very good driver, and could stay in the sport some more years if he, like Massa, decided to go for a midfield team. Unfortunately when there’s only two places per team […]

  • Massa. Again. He dominated his team mate all weekend long, overtook the Mercedes and stayed there until the pit stops, drove superbly on slick tyres on a damp track, where in his best year – 2008 – he failed […]

  • Race 14: Singapore
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    I topped every session with at least half a second’s margin over my rivals, and I took pole ahead of Schumacher and the two Red Bulls. The two Germans got alongside me at the start but I kept going and came out of turn three leading. Webber overtook Vettel on lap three and Schumacher and I built a…[Read more]

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