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    A Sky Sport subscription apparently costs 10€ a month if you already have Sky, 29.90€ a month if you don’t have a Sky subscription and choose Sky TV + Sky Sport + classic decoder (which costs 29€ to deliver). Choosing the MySky advanced decoder which allows for on-demand viewing and HD costs 59€ + 34.90€ a month
    Furthermore I saw FP3 on RAI last week, specifically on RAI Sport 2 (channel 58 in Italy) so I’m guessing they show all free practice sessions for the Grands Prix they show live on RAI Sport 1 (channel 57) or 2. I will check as the season goes on to verify that.

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    Race 9: Germany
    Qualifying: 18th – Race: 10th
    I switched to a wet setup as there was a strong chance of rain for race day, so I qualified 18th, 2 seconds behind Hulkenberg who was 7th. Of course it was not raining at the start, so I picked the option tyres. I rose to 12th at turn 1, avoiding the Caterhams which had overtaken me at the start, then became 8th behind Hulkenberg. Nico retired in front of me on lap 3, but Perez immediately relegated me back to where I was. On lap 6 the rain was impending, but my tyres were worn out completely. I waited one more lap during which I fell back to my starting position, but it also started raining and I put intermediate tyres on. It was too soon and I wore them out a bit before they became useful, and I was 10th once the drivers ahead of me put the same tyres on as well, but it was their second stop as they had put on a new set of slicks before them. On lap 13 my engineer told me to put wet tyres on and I dived in the pits at the last second, as the track conditions and my tyres’ degradation would have made an extra lap catastrophic. I became 20th, but quickly overtook cars going at half of my speed. I avoided by a millimetre hitting Bottas who had collided with a Caterham, then overtook five cars in a lap and became 11th going into the final lap. Alonso, the three ahead of him and all those behind also put on wet tyres, and I overtook the Ferrari but Grosjean was a further 5 seconds ahead. The top 6 finished on intermediates with Rosberg leading them, whilst I salvaged a point despite quick decisions which ultimately did not affect the race outcome.

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    1. What country are you in (and state, if applicable)
    2. Which channels broadcast F1 near you?
    Sky F1, RAI (1 or 2)
    3. Do they show all the races live or only a limited number (if so, how many?)
    Sky show all races live, RAI show half of the races live and half delayed*
    4. Do they also show qualifying live?
    Sky show all qualifying sessions live, RAI show half of the qualifying sessions live and half delayed*
    5. Do they also show practice sessions live?
    Sky shows all practice sessions live, RAI does not show them either live or delayed
    6. If they are a subscription channel, what does a full year’s subscription cost (excluding limited time offers)?
    Sky costs
    7. Do they broadcast coverage online? If so please post link/s.
    Sky has an application to view channels from PC/tablet/phone, don’t know if/how much of the functions are limited; RAI broadcast live here

    *Live (on RAI) Grands Prix:
    Bahrain, China, Canada, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Singapore, USA, Abu Dhabi

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    Could have been worse… not.

    1. S Vettel
    2. L Hamilton
    3. N Rosberg
    4. D Ricciardo
    5. F Alonso
    6. F Massa
    7. K Raikkonen
    8. R Grosjean
    9. J Button
    10. N Hulkenberg
    11. V Bottas
    12. K Magnussen
    13. S Perez
    14. P Maldonado
    15. A Sutil
    16. E Gutierrez
    17. D Kvyat
    18. J Vergne
    19. K Kobayashi
    20. J Bianchi
    21. M Chilton
    22. M Ericsson

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    I finally got around to doing Massa’s 2014 helmet and I’m extremely satisfied with it, so I couldn’t avoid showing it to you all here!

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    Race 8: Great Britain
    Qualifying: 18th – Race: 9th
    Two sets of medium tyres still weren’t enough for me to get out of the knockout zone in Q1. The race was run in full wet conditions and that allowed me to reach 7th place on the first lap. In the round of pit stops on laps 6 and 7 I lost two positions, but soon after took one back thanks to Grosjean’s retirement. Massa overtook me on lap 12 after I lost traction when he tapped me from behind, but I held 9th place while Hulkenberg dropped down to 12th and, for the first time, failed to score points. Vettel scored a hat-trick and took the championship lead.

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    @omarr-pepper ah, no, it’s just a hobby! I have very little fantasy and I only draw real drivers’ helmets to have them all look the same for icons.
    It’s possible to add your own helmet in F1 2013, you only need Ryder PSSG editor and open one of the files in [F1 2013 path]\characters\bespokehelmets, then you can edit it using Paint.NET (that’s what I use) and add it back in the program. With the same process you can edit car liveries and probably more, but I’m not the right person to do it!

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    Best Driver: Magnussen
    Worst Driver: Gutierrez
    Best Team: McLaren
    Worst Team: Sauber
    Best Overtake: Bottas on Vergne
    Funniest Moment: Ricciardo on the podium
    Most Surprising Result: Toro Rosso
    Least Surprising Result: Mercedes
    Special Mention to: Ricciardo, Kvyat, Bottas
    Race Rating: 8/10

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    Ah, finally a thread I seriously love!
    My helmet is very simple: it’s plain white, with a black “F” (my initial) shaped like my signature, on the side (it’s flipped backwards on the right side of course), and it touches with the one on the opposite side. In the area below the two “F”s, an Italian flag is represented by colouring green on the right and red on the left – ideally the flag would be seen from ahead, with the white central part beign the front of the helmet rather than the rear, which is nonetheless white (from the back it’s an Italian flag flipped round). The two “F”s are then reflected horizontally and in a smaller scale on the top of the helmet, so this time they touch from the bottom rather than from the side, which is located on the rear. Again, the area in between is coloured as an Italian flag seen from ahead, and this time visible (it’s flipped backwards from the on board camera).

    For the 2011 Italian GP I had a special helmet to mark the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification: it was all blue with the “F”s in white, and the Italian flag only on top, plus the logo of the event on the forehead.

    For the 2011 Indian GP I had a special helmet to commemorate Marco Simoncelli and Dan Wheldon who had lost their lives prior to that weekend. It was black (dark grey to be honest) with silver “F”s and, again, the Italian flag only above, with Simoncelli’s #58 on the left and Wheldon’s #77 on the right.

    My helmets can be seen here:

    The evolution of my design is long: it started off as Massa’s design with different colours, with 5 of Schumacher’s stars on top and part of Raikkonen’s rune insigna, with the Italian flag on the forehead. It then became similar to my current design but all red with black “F”s and the same top lid as before; then, once I switched to my current colours, the top part was a reflection of the two “F”s but not flipped over.

    My helmet’s evolution can be seen here:

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    AUS – L Hamilton
    MAL – L Hamilton
    BHR – F Alonso
    CHN – N Rosberg
    ESP – K Raikkonen
    MON – L Hamilton
    CAN – S Vettel
    AUT – S Vettel
    GBR – J Button
    GER – K Magnussen
    HUN – S Vettel
    BEL – K Raikkonen
    ITA – L Hamilton
    SIN – F Alonso
    JPN – S Vettel
    RUS – D Ricciardo
    USA – S Vettel
    BRA – S Vettel
    ABU – S Vettel

    WDC – S Vettel
    WCC – Red Bull

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    @fastiesty I feared that might happen: tried using OneDrive instead of Dropbox. Have uploaded them to the latter now, you should see them all here.

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    I created Excel spreadsheets with a timeline of F3000 and GP2 teams, including separate ones for race winners.
    This is how the field evolved in F3000 over the course of 20 seasons. The teams are listed in descending order from the first to take part in the championship. Grey boxes indicate a race participation, whilst blank boxes mean the opposite.
    This is the same as the above, excluding teams who did not win a single race, and includes statistics. The teams are listed in descending order from the first to win. Races won are shown in yellow.

    The same goes for GP2:

    Obviously the 2014 data in the first table are projections, hoping no one withdraws half way through the season, and have not been counted in the second table’s statistics.

    Hope you like them – any feedback is appreciated!

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    S Vettel: 1st
    D Ricciardo: 1st
    L Hamilton: 1st
    N Rosberg: 1st
    F Alonso: 1st
    K Raikkonen: 1st
    J Button: 2nd
    K Magnussen: 1st
    R Grosjean: 3rd
    P Maldonado: 4th
    N Hulkenberg: 3rd
    S Perez: 5th
    E Gutierrez: 5th
    A Sutil: 6th
    V Bottas: 7th
    F Massa: 2nd
    J Vergne: 7th
    D Kvyat: 6th
    J Bianchi: 12th
    M Chilton: 13th
    M Ericsson: 14th
    K Kobayashi: 13th

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    Race 9: Great Britain
    Qualifying: 19th – Race: 10th
    Once more I qualified 19th, over a second behind 18th-placed Karthikeyan and one second ahead of 24th-placed Petrov. I rose to seventh with an average start but a smart choice of trajectories at turns 3 and 4. I became 6th when Vettel retired on the second lap, and stayed there until I pitted on lap 5: I was lucky that the others, right behind me, did not pit so I didn’t have to wait in the pit lane, but their extra lap allowed four of them to jump ahead of me. Once 10th, my race was quiet though on the edge, and I continued my trend of always scoring this season.

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    Race 7: Canada
    Qualifying: 10th – Race: 1st
    I was satisfied with my setup in practice but in Q1 I couldn’t get out of the drop-out zone on medium tyres, and only managed to get into the top 10 on my third lap on super softs. The same happened in Q2, but I reached Q3. There I set a benchmark time on mediums and improved on the super softs, but only 7 tenths from Hulkenberg who was 8th, so I was last. I jumped to 4th at the start after turns 1 and two, and overtook Hamilton at turn 6 to take 3rd place. Vettel was ahead of me and Alonso led, almost out of sight already. On lap 6 I pitted with Vettel and we came out in traffic, which allowed me to overtake him. This, however, cost me some time and both Hamilton and Hulkenberg, the latter by a few inches, passed ahead of me. I took the position back from my team mate at turn 6 while Hamilton ran wide, and Nico followed, losing positions. I was now second, and on lap 11 I noticed Alonso in front me: his gap had gone from 8 to 3 seconds due to a mistake. I pushed even harder and the Spaniard repeated the mistake on lap 12, allowing my through and in the lead at turn 7. Alonso, Button, Hamilton and Hulkenberg started battling for positions and switching places again and again: at the final turn of the final lap, Alonso was overtaken by Hulkenberg who gladly took 3rd place behind Button, but Vettel also got ahead and finished 4th, cutting down my points recovery. With the win (I’m the first to take three wins this year) I’m now leading the drivers’ championship by two points, and thanks to the double podium Sauber are also first in the teams’ championship.

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