• sozavele posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    @bradley13 You may have noticed that a few more people want to join the winter series. I would like to propose that I setup another league, I would do that one instead, and as the winter series grid is full take the new people who have just asked to join with me (I am not trying to steal :)) I personally think this is a good idea as with a bigger grid there is a greater chance their connection will fail, so it would be more fun.

    • I was thinking this myself, but i thought tbh we never have a 16 player grid and a few reserves would do no harm. Plus we also saw with f22 that with less people, less interest is created and people forget

      • However @olliekart will a full grid there is a stronger chance of connection failure, so if you have a weak connection you may disconnect nearly every race, and then at least everybody gets a chance to race, also with F2 wasn’t like a 9 month calendar, 2 or 3 months, there are more frequent races and people are less likely to forget.

        • I would propose I take me, Harry Westwood, Sato113, Ahmed and Todfod. That would leave you with a nearly full grid, (14 players I think).