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    Hey folks,
    I have bought B stand, and the tickets have justa arrived in my home.
    i am planning the rest of my week in the south of France and ask you this: on Friday, does the city works normally, since there in no F1 activity? Is the Grand Casino open? Are the restaurants and clubs open? Is there any restrict access?

    thanks in advance



    Me and my family are going for the first time in 2012. We are Brazilians.
    I have read some comments and suggestions on the last seasons discussion and it already helped a lot (congrats to all that participated!), but I still have some questions of my own:

    1) I see positive reviews of and
    What about Has anyone ever bought from there? They have good prices in some sectors and I am thinking in buying there.

    2) On these websites, you don’t choose the actual seats you are getting, right? Just the sector?
    This concerns me because in some sectors, like T or K, it can make a huge difference if you are on one edge or the other of the stand.

    3) On the Friday of the grand prix week, there are no practices or anything.
    Does the city’s restaurants, the casino, etc. open and have non-restricted accesses (given that you book in advance of course)?
    What is a good bar/ restaurant you recommend where one might be lucky enough to spot some drivers or celebrities during day or night?

    Thanks in advance folks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)