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    Mercedes: 7/10. It is probably the best iteration of the livery since they’ve returned as a manufacturer team. That said, it is still just silver and turquoise and I’m not sure the colours really work together.
    Red Bull: 8/10. I like the matt design they introduced last year. Now they’ve gotten rid of the red front and rear wing endplates that Total demanded the livery is much, much better.
    Ferrari: 7/10. Predictable from the Scuderia. But it does look good. Marks off because the shade of red they picked still just isn’t right. Ferrari’s should be scarlet, not flouro red/orange.
    Force India: 3/10. Truly awful, why they have gone for so much silver really is beyond me. There is nothing about the livery that says “hey, this team is owned by Indian businessmen”. They should either go back to the black, orange, white and green livery from 2014 or to the Indian flag colours they raced in from 2009 – 2013.
    Williams: 7.5/10. Another clean take on the Martini livery. Just because it’s the same as it has been since 2014 doesn’t mean its bad. Not so sure about the JCB logo on the rear wing endplates.
    McLaren: 8.5/10: From some angles I really love this livery, I don’t understand why people were giving it so much grief when it was launched. It is orange and it looks modern, I like it. Marks off because some of the white sponsor logos aren’t quite visible against the orange.
    Toro Rosso: 10/10. It is perfect in every way. The shade of metallic blue is fantastic and I really like the use of silver for the bull and the sponsor names. Best livery of the decade so far.
    Haas: 6/10. Meh. It’s not bad, but it is a bit dull which is disappointing for a team which could essentially do whatever it wants livery wise.
    Renault: 9/10. I really like it. Classic Renault corporate colours applied to the car in a well thought out, sensible manner. It’s fresh and clean.
    Sauber: 7/10. So glad the Banco do Brasil blue and yellow livery has died because it made this proud team look like an underfunded GP3 squad. Marks off because it has a wiff of 1996 Ligier about it.

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    It is very interesting that Wikipedia have taken this step. I have to agree with @jackysteeg, I don’t mind seeing The Mail appear in the round up as you only provide us with a list of topical articles that appeared the previous day, making no judgment on thei content of the articles.

    While I loath The Mail generally I think their F1 coverage is a tiny step up from their usual standards. My issue with their stuff is usually that it is either too focussed on Hamilton (as you mentioned) or is a few days out of date. I also don’t like the tone their reporter uses when he asks questions in the official F1 press conferences (can’t remember the guy’s name at the moment), he is far too confrontational and always tries to make mountains out of mole hills (surprise surprise)

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    Nascar: Prehistoric cars, 24th century rules.

    As an aside, I’m sure I read once that F1 used to dish out prize money on a similar basis in the past. As the cars were more unreliable, they used to get prize money based on their positions and fastest laps at half distance as well as at the end of the race. It could have been something I read in Jackie Stewart’s book or something he said in an interview. I seem to remember him saying that Ken Tyrrell was a master at being able to work out how much money he would get from a race and would often ask JYS to push at odd stages of the race just to make sure he got that extra prize money.

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    I just want it to be unpredictable…

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    1. Daniel Ricciardo – He gets my vote because whenever you looked at who was the nearest challenger to the two Mercedes drivers, invariably it was Danny Ric. He put in some blinding performances, Monaco and his dogged defence of the lead in Malaysia being the highlights. That said, he could have had a stronger run in.

    2. Lewis Hamilton – If a driver’s first reference is his team mate then more wins and more poles should put you ahead of him in a ranking like this. Did all he could to win the title and fell short, partly because of reliability but also partly because of his failure to get on top of the W07’s temperamental starting procedure. If he had just lost the title because of reliability, he would be my number 1, but he didn’t, so he isn’t. Clearly the faster of the two Mercedes drivers.

    3. Max Verstappen – A breakthrough season. The win in Spain was equal parts good fortune and well earned, and he seemed to keep reeling off the performances. Marked down for the manner he defends, which is very slightly on the wrong side of the limit for me. A virtuoso drive in Sao Paulo was his highlight of the season.

    4. Sergio Perez – Whenever Force India have a sniff of a podium it is Perez who seems to grab it. He was super this season. Fantastically quick and consistent.

    5. Fernando Alonso – Dragging the best out of recalcitrant machinery seems to be the defining feature of his career. Another fantastic year.

    6. Nico Rosberg – Did all he had to do to win the title, but he won fewer races and took fewer poles than his team mate. He also still hasn’t really proven to be top tier in wheel to wheel combat as we saw from Austria and Germany. Still, by far his best season.

    7. Carlos Sainz – Did an amazing job with the aging Ferrari engine in the back of his car. Routed Kvyat once the two were paired together and he put in some tremendous drives, notably Spain, Austin and Interlagos.

    8. Nico Hulkenberg – Proved he is still quick enough to justify his reputation, but luck never seemed to be on his side. Still no podium…he’s better than that.

    9. Pascal Wehrlein – Scored points for Manor…that is a massive achievement. He also managed to creep into Q2 on numerous occasions. The guy is clearly quick, I hope he doesn’t take the Force India snub too hard and manages to have a solid second season.

    10. Kimi Raikkonen – Outscored and outqualified a misfiring Vettel. But you still get the impression he has lost a few tenths and is only hanging onto his seat because (a) having him sells merchandise, (b) because he gets on with Vettel and (most importantly) (c) because he doesn’t destabilise the team.

    11. Sebastian Vettel – Waaaaay below par. Almost as bad as 2014 at times. Probably letting his frustration at Ferrari not being quick enough again get to him.

    12. Valtteri Bottas – Comprehensively had the beating of Massa, but this was a disappointing year for a driver who undoubtedly has race wins in him. Needs to leave if Williams fail to produce a competitive car next season.

    13. Romain Grosjean – He was a revelation early on in the season but he seemed to let the various issues he was having with the car get the better of him. At times he was roundly beaten by Gutierrez…oh dear. Because of that, he drops behind Bottas in my list.

    14. Kevin Magnussen – Did all he could with the recalcitrant RS16. Shaded Palmer early in the season and then seemed to falter when Palmer got into his stride. Deserves to be further up the grid.

    15. Jenson Button – Soundly beaten by Alonso. Lost the edge late in the season, sad end to a great career, thanks for the memories Jenson. I’m sad I’ll never get to hear anyone complain of “massive understeer” or “front locking” as passionately as you did over the years.

    16. Esteban Ocon – Did as well as could be expected having been parachuted into a car he hadn’t driven, kept Wehrlein more than honest. Fantastic in the wet at Interlagos.

    17. Daniil Kvyat. Poor Dani. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. He’ll come back stronger next season, he is genuinely quick so he is deserving of his seat.

    18. Felipe Massa – It seemed like Massa was calling it in for most of the season. Struggling to think of any highs. Which is a shame because he’s had a great career and he is a true gentleman.

    19. Jolyon Palmer – Don’t think he is quick enough to justify his seat to be honest. Should struggle against Hukenberg.

    20. Marcus Ericsson – I am genuinely amazed that he has a seat for next season…even if he does have connections to Longbow. he’s improved, but he isn’t F1 material. He’s had his chance and it is time for someone else to get theirs.

    21. Felipe Nasr – Outperformed by Ericsson…hence the lowly ranking. Sauber owe him about $15 million for his drive at Interlagos, which may be enough to save him. Still has potential though.

    22. Esteban Gutierrez – You could take my review for Ericsson and copy and paste it here.

    23. Stoffel Vandoorne – The biggest talent outside of Verstappen and Ocon. Cannot wait to see how he compares to Alonso. Fantastic drive in Bahrain and by all accounts it was his feedback that helped McLaren unlock performance from the car, so clearly has the mechanical sympathy needed to succeed in F1.

    24. Rio Haryanto – Poor Rio, he gave it a good go and kept Wehrlein honest on more than one occasion. More often than not was thoroughly out of his depth.

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    Magnussen on Ricciardo at Sochi.

    Nominating it because it (a) was a great battle between K-Mag and Danny Ric and (b) because I’m sure no one else will nominate it because it happened so early in this ridiculously long season most will have forgotten about it!

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    1991 – Ayrton Senna
    1992 – Michael Schumacher
    1993 – Ayrton Senna
    1994 – Damon Hill
    1995 – Michael Schumacher
    1996 – Damon Hill
    1997 – Jaques Villeneuve
    1998 – Mika Hakkinen
    1999 – Mika Hakkinen
    2000 – Michael Schumacher
    2001 – David Coulthard
    2002 – Michael Schumacher
    2003 – Kimi Raikkonen
    2004 – Jenson Button
    2005 – Kimi Raikkonen
    2006 – Fernando Alonso
    2007 – Lewis Hamilton
    2008 – Robert Kubica
    2009 – Jenson Button
    2010 – Fernando Alonso
    2011 – Sebastian Vettel
    2012 – Fernando Alonso
    2013 – Sebastian Vettel
    2014 – Daniel Ricciardo
    2015 – Lewis Hamilton
    2016 – So far, Daniel Ricciardo

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    1. Hamilton – Continues to pull wins out of the bag when it matters. If he had won the same number of races but didn’t have the issues he had I would have pushed him down the order, but to turn the tables on Rosberg the way he has is very impressive.
    2. Ricciardo – Robbed in Monaco and has done a great job this season so far. Rising to the challenge of Verstappen, he really does have what it takes to go all the way.
    3. Verstappen – Youngest ever race winner in his first race with a car capable of winning, says it all really. He is still far from the finished article, but there is no doubting the talent. Would do well to learn a bit of humility.
    4. Sainz – Really has impressed this season. He is super quick and h is starting to mature into a very good racing driver. Really glad he isn’t in the same team as the hype monster anymore so people can start to realise just how good he is.
    5. Vettel – Still performing very well, which is more than can be said of practically everyone at Ferrari this season.
    6. Perez – Continues to impress, his drives in Monaco and Baku were fantastic. He really is deserving of another shot in a frontline team.
    7 . Grosjean – Managing to finish races in 5th and 6th with a brand new team is truly remarkable, he is in the form of his life. If Ferrari had any sense they would have signed him to partner Vettel.
    8. Rosberg – I thought I was being hard ranking him so low, but the drivers ahead of him really outperformed their cars while Rosberg took a string of wins in a dominant car in races where his rivals either had technical issues or strategic errors. His antics in Austria and Germany knock marks off too.
    9. Wehrlien – I was sceptical at first but he has impressed me no end. Knocks on the door of Q2 regularly and seems to really be able to handle the Saubers now in the races. Oh yeah, he scored points, in a Manor.
    10. Alonso – More often than not gets everything an more out of the MP4-31. Starting to get used to seeing him as best of the rest behind the Mercedes, Red Bulls and Ferraris…which is no mean feat.
    11. Bottas – Doing as well as can be expected with the Williams.
    12. Button – he is actually surprising me this season by keeping Alonso more than honest. That said, I don’t think he should have another season with McLaren. Or Williams.
    13. Hulkenberg – On the surface it looks like he is being shown the way more often than not by Perez, but he was on the wrong side of strategy calls in both Monaco and Silverstone. Still think he is one of the quickest out there.
    14. Raikkonen – He’s been better than he was in 14 and 15, but he could hardly get any worse could he? I honestly feel that if it was Vettel running behind Verstappen in Barcelona and Hungary he would have gotten by.
    15. Magnussen – Doing as well as can be expected with that car, his drive in Sochi was superb. Really hope he can hold on to this seat because Renault will come good and he is a talent.
    16. Massa – I think it is time for Massa to call it a day.
    17. Kvyat – Ranks ahead of Haryanto and co because of his pre-China form. The summer break couldn’t have come quickly enough for him I think, he needs time to get his head back in the game, because he is quick enough and if DC is to be believed he still has some backing from the Red Bull bigwigs. Hopefully someone gives him a hug over the summer break!
    18. Haryanto – Ranked this highly because he is actually keeping Wehrlien honest in qualifying. Out of his depth in the races though.
    19. Palmer – The car is poor, which really isn’t helping his cause. But he committed the ultimate sin by failing to do what Magnussen did in Sochi and take the opportunity to score points when it was on.
    20. Gutierrez – Grosjean is showing what a solid car the VF01 is. He would be stone last if it wasn’t for the slight upturn in performance in recent races.
    21. Nasr – His attitude is what has disappointed me the most, seems to be far too quick to criticise the team. Not shading Ericsson, which is telling in itself.
    22. Ericsson – He had his chance in 2014, then he got another in 2015. I was a bit baffled as to why he got another in 2016. Surely this will be his last season now Sauber have new owners.

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    Yeah, I see that and I did acknowledge that he was out of his depth in the races @ultimateuzair. The place I gave him was largely down to is keeping Wehrlien honest in qualifying, which I think is impressive given how often Wehrlien has threatened to get into Q2…and the fact that I think those in 18-22nd have been dire.

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    Typed up a full list which for some reason didn’t post! :(

    1. Hamilton – I would have ranked him lower had he won the same number of races and had no reliability issues. But the speed with which he has overturned Rosberg’s lead is truly remarkable. Still at the top of his game, and that is no mean feat.
    2. Ricciardo – Mightily impressive this year, rising well to the challenge of Verstappen. He is a future world champion, there is no doubt. Robbed in Monaco.
    3. Verstappen – Won his first race in a race winning car, impressive. Not the finished article though, but there is no doubt the talent is there. Would do well to learn a bit of humility.
    4. Sainz – Really coming on as a racing driver this year, some very mature drives. So glad he is out of the hype monster’s shadow because people are actually starting to realise how good he really is.
    5. Vettel – Continues to perform to his potential, which is more than can be said of everyone at Ferrari at the moment.
    6. Perez – His drives in Monaco and Baku were sensational. He is deserving of another shot at a tope team.
    7. Rosberg – I felt bad ranking him this lowly, but he won his races where others largely had technical issues or made poor strategy calls. His antics in Austria and Germany knock points off too.
    8. Grosjean – In the form of his life. Ferrari were mad not to sign him for 2017. Getting the results he has been in a brand new team (even if it is as good as Haas is) is truly remarkable.
    9. Wehrlien – I was sceptical, but he has impressed me no end. Always looks to be knocking on the door of Q2. Oh, and he scored points in a Manor.
    10. Alonso – Continues to show that he deserves that 3rd title.
    11. Bottas – Doing as well as can be expected. Nabbed a podium when it was available, more often than not was best of the rest.
    12. Button – Impressing me no end by keeping Alonso honest. But I wouldn’t give him another year at McLaren. Or Williams.
    13. Hukenberg – Has come out on the wrong end of strategy calls a lot, most notably in Monaco and at Silverstone. Still one of the quickest out there.
    14. Magnussen – Doing as well as can be expected. Hope he can hang onto this seat because Renault will come right and he is a real talent.
    15. Raikkonen – Better than 14 and 15, but he couldn’t really have gotten worse could he. Had Vettel been behind Verstappen in Barcelona I think he would have gotten by. Not the driver he once was.
    16. Massa – Time to hang up your helmet Felipe.
    17. Haryanto – Ranks this high because he is keeping Wehrlien honest in qualifying. He is out of his depth in the races though.
    18. Kvyat – Would someone give this guy a hug! He is this high because of his pre-China form. I hope he can get his head straight over the summer break because he is a very quick driver.
    19. Palmer – The car is poor which isn’t helping his cause, but he committed the ultimate sin by failing to do what Magnussen did in Sochi: Score points when the opportunity was there.
    20. Gutierrez – Would have been stone last if it wasn’t for his recent upturn in form. Given how well Grosjean is going it is criminal that he hasn’t scored a point to date.
    21. Nasr – It is his attitude which has disappointed most, he is too quick to blame the team.
    22. Ericsson – After chances in 2014, 2015 and 2016 I hope that Sauber’s new found finance will mean he doesn’t get a seat next season.

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    I watched the race on Channel 4 after having watched Melbourne on Sky (thanks to my sister in law giving me her SkyGo login details) and I have to say I liked it, though I do miss hearing Brundle’s opinion I must admit.

    I’m still up in the air about Steve Jones, he isn’t bad but he clearly doesn’t have the depth of knowledge that is necessary to lead the broadcast but he is doing a professional job. DC and Webber are a nice duo, makes me wonder how much fun engineering meetings at Red Bull must have been in 07/08. Ben Edwards was his usual solid self and Karun Chandhok was underused in the race I feel. While he probably doesn’t have the gravitas of DC or Webber because his F1 career never really took off, he knows his onions and always talks sense. I’m not sure why Susie Wolff got so much airtime, she doesn’t add much to the broadcast and she was barely audible, I’m glad Toto highlighted the point! Also, why give her the RBR steering wheel to explain the start procedures when you have the WEC champion and a veteran of 7 seasons with Red Bull standing right next to her?

    So it was a good start for C4, lots to build on.

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    deliberately relying on TDI – the world’s most successful automotive efficiency technology – at Le Mans

    I see what you did there VAG…

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    The system would have actually been worth looking into had the drivers been able to do more than one quick lap on a set of tyres. Since they can’t it was completely nonsensical, the teams can only turn cars around so quickly.

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