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    Not a fan. There’s very good rationale for introducing double points for the Indy 500 but not so much the others.


    I’ve complied all my video clips into this one Youtube video. Taken over the 3 days:


    Thank you for posting the schedule!

    I’d like to know roughly how long it takes to get into the circuit. My only other experience of this sort of event was Valencia last year and I don’t think that was at all typical because the Spanish people only turned up for the quali and race so there was no trouble getting in just before the sessions began. I’d imagine that the Canadian fans are a bit more keen to get to the track , so curious how long the queues are, how long it takes to get in, any insight about which entrances are quick to access the circuit?


    I booked my ticket for the Canadian Grand Prix! So excited now. Gone for the Silver Trio package.

    I’m from the UK and am planning a motorsport extravaganza of a trip. Going to Detroit the weekend prior for their Indycar double header, and then will head to Montreal.

    If you don’t mind hostels, I think they are the way to go. I went to Valencia last year, staying downtown in a hostel. A quick check of prices is £25 a night during the weekend.


    I went to the European Grand Prix this year. It was only my second ever race (first being Silverstone 2007), and a trip which I arranged a month beforehand. I was able to get a cheap Easyjet flight direct into Valencia (sharing with Eddie Jordan), stay in a hostel in the city centre (clean, cheap and in the heart of the city), and a 3 day grandstand pass for the end of the first sector. One of the best weekends of my life! Not only was the F1 race out of this world with an incredible home atmosphere, but the Sunday GP2 race was amazing too. The grandstand was so close to the track, and as you can see from the photos, I got very close to the drivers on the Sunday, and was able to extensively walk the track the following Monday evening. A phenomenal race, and for a sport which can often be quite distant for fans, it was brilliant to see some of my heroes close up. A great city too, and I’m really sad to not be able to return next year!

    The photo album is here:

    Additionally, I video blog under the alias of WildebeestTV. Honestly, this was not some of my best work, but I think the 4th part will be of interest to many people. I walked around the track the day after the event, which was cool given the context of the stories I’d watched the previous day, and it’s just strange to walk around a deserted F1 track – it felt so abandoned!

    The whole 4 part playlist is here:


    I am going to the race, looking out from grandstand M4. I only booked about a month ago so not optimum grandstand, but I haven’t been to a race for 5 years and it will be good to get up close to the cars. I booked through the official F1 website – I have to collect the tickets from some office near to the circuit.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)