• For the third year running, the reigning GP2 champion has failed to find an F1 seat. There was a time when the GP2/F3000 champion was guaranteed to get into F1 the next year – I even vaguely remember the 1988 season I think, when the top five finishers in the championship all graduated to F1.

    You have to ask, why does the FIA not promote their…[Read more]

  • @kingshark That doesn’t really present all the facts: Hulkenberg hasn’t driven anything capable of regular podiums – 2 years of Force India, one of Sauber, and one in a not-very-good Williams (still making a pole in this car). Alonso has driven top cars throughout his career, apart from Minardi. Even the 2008-9 Renault was better than anything…[Read more]

  • RIP in peace F1.

    1950-1938 (because 1938 is when real grand prix racing died.)[/sarcasm]

  • Not the biggest Lotus fan, but I’d imagine they’d get a driver with more money and more talent.

    Than Palmer, that is. Palmer is the next in a long line of drivers who stuck around long enough in GP2 to win on […]

  • Nick replied to the topic Ideal formula one game in the forum Formula One 5 days, 13 hours ago

    Personally I’d very much enjoy a Gran Turismo/Forza type game, but instead of leagues, seasons or scenarios. Not a career option with the right cars per se (ie: you start in 1993 and the cars of your second season are actual 1994 cars, like F1 Season Challenge) but being able to both enter a season as yourself or a particular driver, in a free…[Read more]

  • Often the best team employs 2 very good drivers, or at least 2 driver that can take maximum advantage of its performance. If you look at the 1994 season, Williams had a better pairing most times out than Benetton (with Schumacher missing out on a few races) and arguably had a better car in some races. In 2008, McLaren and Ferrari weren’t that far…[Read more]

  • @optimaximal The administrators have been selling Marussia’s equipment, though. In some cases, a last minute save after some of the property has been sold involves larger numbers as the value of the company is […]

  • I wouldn’t say he’s out of time. He’s 33 right now, Damon Hill was 34 before he even fought for the 1994 title and was 36 upon winning the 1996 title. Alain Prost was 38 when he won the 1993 title, though both were in cars in a class of their own (yet, Hill’s fights in the 2 years before and Prost’s other 3 titles makes these titles less…[Read more]

  • Nick replied to the topic Has Formula 1 failed? in the forum Formula One 5 days, 14 hours ago


    There seems to be no line in F1’s leadership.

    Pretty much this. F1 is going in too many directions, pandering to too many audiences in too many ways while alienating a lot of not only its history, but also other parts of the things it strives to be.

    I’d personally say the main problem is that there are too many captains on deck. There…[Read more]

  • Caterham were allowed to use their 2014 car in 2015 last December, Marussia could probably get the same treatment.

    I think the problem is not with having a base, cars and staff. HRT had a minimal base with […]

  • I had to wonder … a sport that makes mega-billions throughout the worst recession the world has ever seen. Countries clamouring to stage a race. Yet only nine individuals/companies interested in running teams.

    Does this mean F1 has failed long-term? Countless well respected teams have fallen by the wayside, yet Bernie treats them with contempt…[Read more]

  • Rodney replied to the topic 2015 F1 car liveries in the forum Formula One 5 days, 17 hours ago

    Were there any really attractive colour schemes in 2014? I think maybe Caterham was the smartest colour choice – and much better when they changed the nose two-thirds of the way through the year!

  • @npf1 I believe Alonso has run out of time. It will take more than one season to make the McLaren-Honda competitive, he is heading into his mid 30s and there are younger and braver drivers out there who will take more risks to win than him. Even Hulkenberg can perform at Alonso’s level, and do it much cheaper.

  • The answer is … very much so! F1 is littered with drivers who have excelled in their junior careers, only to become also-rans in their F1 career as they get mired in the mid-grid with no way out. Drivers like Marc Surer, Derek Warwick, Corrado Fabi and Mike Thackwell in the 1980s; Erik Comas and Eric Bernard in the 1990s, and so it goes on.

    The…[Read more]

  • “This is the part where I’m already bored with this track.”

  • I’ve sat in a Sauber C12 (1994 car, but with 1995 livery) at a chance event in 1998 at the Famila Park in Leer, Germany. I was just getting into F1 and my parents had no idea that there were several F1 cars on display, though I only really remember the C12 and perhaps a Ferrari 312T of some kind, but there was a security line around the car.

    I’ve…[Read more]

  • @junior-pilot

    His restlessness and inability to settle anywhere will have cost him the chance to win a third title.

    I’m not sure if an ability to settle somewhere is really the problem. Had he remained at McLaren, titles in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014 would have been very unlikely. Had he stayed at Enstone, he would have been lucky to win more…[Read more]

  • Classy advert for Mercedes featuring Stirling Moss.

  • Anyone going to Autosport International this weekend at the Birmingham NEC? Should be plenty of chances to get up close to F1 cars there.

  • On the plus side, it appears Alonso extracts the maximum performance from every car he drives – making them seem more competitive than they truly are. You only need to see Raikkonen’s performance in 2014, and Massa’s in his last few years at Ferrari to see the difference.

    However, 2007 showed him to be deeply flawed and insecure. His conduct at…[Read more]

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