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    I LOVE the Hungaroring but i do agree that it needs to be altered for better racing. I like what you have done with it. But a suggestion. The first bit that you have done is great but i think it would look better if you had the sweeping right turn in a little later. So after the sweeper there is a tittle left kink where the track straightens out before the left tight turn.. So a an overtaking move could be made on the lead up to the left hander. I love the look of the tight left and open right hander, sort of like at Sepang (turns 9/10). Corners like that always make for good racing if done right. The last section needs to be changed yes, But the turn 12 right hander is a good one and shouldn’t miss out. I think If they turn the current T12 into a hair-pin than conect it onto where your idea is would be good. Just an idea

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)