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    hate to bring this up again, but HRT first have to produce a car that fits the 2011 rules before they can qualify at all.

    I don’t think it’s going to happen period. Seriously

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    games for windows live tag: graigchq

    on F1 2010 for a couple of hours most nights, generally only looking for decent racers in 20% distance sessions or more. add me guys!

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    as an avid online racer, i just hope that they get this right.

    for the game to be well received, it needs some clear options that can be set.

    there are those among us that don’t want to spend hours working out how to control these cars, they want to slam the accelerator and drive without using the brakes, ala many other arcade style racing games, and then there are the rest of us that want a true sim, like Race07 or rFactor, where time spent setting up your car for specific circuits pays off in experience and practice.

    I imagine that there will be SIM and ARCADE modes, that will cater for both styles. If not, then massive fail. I am definitely hoping for this to be a valid SIM, like the MAK-Corp F1 2007 mod fro rFactor and Race07, as long as the handling is such that it rewards the patient and willing, then i’m all for it.

    Basically, if i jump in the car and set competitive times within a few laps without changing anything setup-wise, then i know i will have wasted my money. That’s not how motor racing works. If however, after tweaking suspension, working on camber and toe angles and adjusting downforce for bumps and chicanes i find the sweetspot and start becoming a challenger, then it will be fulfilling my need.

    Given that this is a codemasters game, and as an owner of Grid, DIRT and DIRT2, i hold out little hope that the simulator aspect fo actually driving the cars will be anythign liek what it needs to be. Most people will play this with a controller (not a steering wheel) so the handling simply cannot be true to life, as there is no force feedback in the control sticks, therefore no way a player can really control the car properly, unless the game engine is forgiving in that sense.

    I’d love to be proven wrong, but i think this will be a successful game that i play for a few weeks before i go back to real sim racing in Race07.

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    ok.. here’s my attempt. A very long track, and my attempt to re-create the Spa Francorchamps circuit within the fine city of Bristol. Massive elevation changes, and even a run across Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge.

    Start finish straight is a 1:5 hill on Park Street, and the track runs clockwise. A blast down alongside the canal/river before heading into Ashton Court Estate and then back over the suspension bridge, through the centre of Clifton (where over the years casinos and the like will be constructed to serve the rich and famous who will all want to get in on the action) and finally coming back down park street to the finish line and pit complex, which will also be part of Bristol’s harbourside devlopment.

    F1 rocks would easily be able to put on shows in Queen’s square, and the harbour amphitheatre, confirmed acts incluide Massive Attack, with special appearance from Damon Albarn. Rumours have it that Eddie Jordan’s band is playing as well!!

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    i have several computers with intel, but that doesn’t mean anything, they’re one of only two CPU suppliers, with a 65%+ market share, so two out of every three laptops and computers run Intel Chips. As for all the other brands, really, i couldn’t care less. I actively don’t watch TV, i don’t listen to commercial radio, and only “allow” adverts on some websites that implicitly require me to turn my Adblock off in firefox and chrome.

    Honestly, if the cars were all plain red, plain silver, plain green/white/yellow.. it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to me. I am completely oblivious to advertising, and any money spent trying to get my attention is money wasted.

    Where i live in africa, we have nothing. Nobody has anything. We smile, we laugh, we play music and we love each other. We don’t buy into the western world’s advertising frenzy. I follow F1 cos i love the technology and the speed factor, but the commercial side is irrelevant to me and everyone i know.

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