• Vettel is too relaxed at Red Bull, and probably wouldn’t go to Mercedes if Hamilton departed. It would be interesting to see if Mercedes send Wehrlein to bootcamp (Caterham) if tensions rise any higher with Lewis between now and lets say America.
    Jenson Button should hang up the gloves after this season if his form continues as it has all season…[Read more]

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  • Power/Montoya/Castroneves/Pagenaud is the sort of line-up that should make Ganassi and Andretti seriously think about who drives their cars. Each of those are absolutely class drivers. This could well be an era of dominance for Penske.

  • Penske’s super team just got even more super – they’re expanding to four cars next year and Simon Pagenaud will join champion Will Power, Juan Pablo Montoya and Helio Castroneves.


  • I only just realised I was well over the corner limit for my track, unless we count all the esses as 1 :p

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    My apologies, I hadn’t realised you’d gone @vmaxmuffin I must have missed a day and not seen it pop-up. Anyway, I think I’m going to have to give it to you @vmaxmuffin :) It has some very interesting corners which I think F1 drivers would find difficult, and it’s a nice track given the corner limit. Also, kudos on finding a place within a city to…[Read more]

  • @philereid I think if there aren’t going to be more entries then you may as well pick a winner between us and move on to the next challenge.

  • Well here goes, my entry is a replacement for the Chinese Grand Prix – the Grand Prix of Hong Kong. The track is set on the location of the old Kai Tak airport, which in Google Maps appears to be being cleared for some sort of development so I’m just assuming that it’s a blank canvas to work on…

    Track:…[Read more]

  • @Casey @Roald

    James Allen did an article on their time together as teamates and with the reliability issues Hamilton faced over their time together he basically came to the conclusion that Hamilton would have outscored him, all things being equal. Also I find that Button’s fans use that total points scored over 3 years to favour their argument.…[Read more]

  • I hate it when people try to convince others of Button’s speed by mentioning his points tally compared to Hamilton during their time as teammates. Button’s not nearly as fast as Hamilton and I dom’t consider him a top driver. He’s talented and fast and he deservedly won his championship, but I think it’s just one of those situations where all the…[Read more]

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    The thing is that Ganassi already have Sage Karam under contract (who has already shown his adaptability and speed across Indycar, its ladder series and sports cars). He’s been consistently strong on ovals, something I have doubts about Bird being able to do. Out of the recent European-based converts Rubens Barrichello had the best oval average,…[Read more]

  • The comparison between Hamilton and Button has been brought up before. As I recall, Hamilton’s points total was skewed by his car’s mechanical unreliability – Singapore 2012 comes to mind, when his gearbox dropped him out of a likely win.

    Even as a Button fan, I have to admit that, very broadly speaking, Hamilton often had the edge in terms of…[Read more]

  • I just did some number crunching…

    For the 3 years that JB and LH were team mates, JB outscored LH 672 points to 657. Also, for those 3 years, he averaged 4th in the WDC, where LH averaged 4.3.

    Just interesting considering LH was his best performing team mate in recent history, and on average JB out scored him.

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  • @Matthijs Yeah I agree. He’s a decent, good-natured guy, like Lewis. I really like how he and Lewis can still have breakfast together and be supportive after moments like Turkey 2010 and Canada 2011, that would have had so many other drivers feuding till the end of time! Or even Hock this year, when JB had the class to reverse out of his criticism.

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    It would be great to see Ganassi take a punt with Sam Bird or somebody. Bird is clearly a capable driver and I am sure he will adapt to the road and street courses pretty quickly. It’s just his, like most other ‘European’ racers, lack of oval experience which concerns me. Not everybody is going to be able to ‘do a Conway’.

  • @lockup I knew it would be used against me ;). Indeed, he did run through the gravel but he kept going.

    I also think that the general view is quite realistic and I also understand that many Brits favour Hamilton. I just wanted to mention that to me (despite his lack of sheer speed compared to Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso) he is a very smart and…[Read more]

  • @Matthijs Well he did stack it in a sense, in that he went off. It didn’t really register as poor judgement / lack of skill because it was his fronts he locked so he kept straight and could drive out, and then with yes an excellent drive and various other factors win the race. If he’d locked his rears and ended up stuck like Petrov it’d be a…[Read more]

  • In Oz 2010 he came in a lap too early, because Lewis had passed him and he’d burned up his tyres! Then he went straight off, deterred everyone else for a lap, and the sector positionings handed him another lap till they could respond. Kubica held the others up after an extra stop.

    It’s exaggerating his performances that brings ‘criticism’ down…[Read more]

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