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    If I’d have to guess now, I’d say the grid for next season will look like this:

    Mercedes: Hamilton/Bottas
    Ferrari: Räikkönen/Vettel
    Red Bull: Verstappen/Ricciardo
    Force India: Ocon/Perez
    Williams: Alonso/Stroll
    Toro Rosso: Sainz/Gasly
    Renault: Hülkenberg/Buemi
    Haas: Magnussen/Leclerc
    Sauber: Wehrlein/Matshushita
    McLaren: Vandoorne/Grosjean

    Can’t see anything changing in top teams. Mercedes have found harmony inside their team. Bottas has been easily good enough to fulfill Rosberg’s seat and I’d imagine he is getting even better when season goes on. Hamilton’s retirement talks are just that, silly talks. He is still battling fiercely on track. There is still fire in him. I don’t believe he’d retire after this season.
    Räikkönen’s start to the season was pretty weak, but Kimi has greatly improved in last few weekends. Luck just hasn’t been on his side. And besides, there are no super talent going up the ladder right now to replace him. There’s no point for Vettel to go anywhere else, so no changes in Ferrari.
    Ricciardo and Verstappen is a great pair for Red Bull. Red Bull has zero need to change a thing and there’s no better seats available for either of the RB drivers. The same applies for Force India’s pair.
    Alonso is desperate to get out of McLaren and Williams is one of the only places in the paddock where he hasn’t destroyed team spirits or burned bridges yet. That’s where he’ll end up. Stroll’s wallet secures his drive at Williams.
    Kvyat gets the boot from Toro Rosso and he is replaced by Gasly. Sainz has to settle in and wait for another day until he gets out of junior team.
    Hülkenberg continues in Renault but he gets a new team mate for next season. Abysmally bad Palmer leaves the sport and he is being replaced by Buemi who is doing excellent job in WEC and Formula E. He has contacts to Renault through their e.dams FE-team and he has been driving tyre tests for Pirelli, making him a tempting option for Renault.
    Magnussen continues in Haas, while under-performing Grosjean has to go. Leclerc takes his place after utterly dominating the entire F2 field.
    Wehrlein continues to improve at Sauber throughout this season, so he’ll stay there. But for next year Honda wants to have Japanese colours in the grid, so they’ll bring in Matshushita who can outbid Ericsson with the help of Honda and other Japanese sponsors.
    McLaren still believe in Vandoorne despite mediocre debut season. He’ll be paired with Grosjean who has nowhere else to go at this point.



    Mexico’s ePrix has been far and away the best race this season, all series included. Nothing gets even close.



    1. Räikkönen
    2. Hamilton
    3. Vettel
    4. Alonso
    5. Verstappen
    6. Bottas
    7. Ricciardo
    8. Perez
    9. Hülkenberg
    10. Sainz
    11. Ocon
    12. Magnussen
    13. Wehrlein
    14. Kvyat
    15. Vandoorne
    16. Grosjean
    17. Massa
    18. Ericsson
    19. Stroll
    20. Palmer



    @keithcollantine I’m pretty sure Kimi actually shot those shootouts there. I’ve heard he’s been practising with Swiss hockey league team EV Zug in his sparetime. And well, all Finns have hockey skills in their blood.

    Those “saving attempts” by the goalie were pretty laughable though. It looked as if he was trying to avoid the puck rather than make a save.



    Here’s Kimi Räikkönen driving around with the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso T. And playing ice-hockey, for whatever reason.



    @keithcollantine In what style would you prefer teams to report news on social media?

    All teams have their own websites for interesting and exclusive articles. I don’t see social media as a platform for those. Sure they can provide a link for an article like that on social media and I get your point that they might be easy to miss especially if you follow huge number of accounts. However, social media is exactly that, social, so banter between the teams is to be expected. I really hope the “fights” between teams will stay as humorous as they are now.

    I still giggle when I think of Lotus’ “it hurts a little bit” tweet about Kimi’s exit. I think that was far better way to report it compared to more serious way of sharing a link to an official press release or something.



    I think Mercedes, Force India and Renault (especially in their Lotus days) are showcasing some brilliant tongue-in-cheek writing at Twitter. I don’t have a Twitter account but I’ve encountered some of their funny tweets via other platforms of social media and via F1 news site such as F1Fanatic.
    When it comes to drivers the absolute king of social media is Taki Inoue. No doubt about that!

    F1’s official Facebook account is doing pretty decent job. Lots of content is being published daily. Would like to see more humorous posts from them though.

    Also special mention for Sauber and their Reddit-account. It’s so cool when official F1 team takes part to conversations at /r/Formula1. I wish more teams and drivers would become active at Reddit.



    Räikkönen on Nasr (Hungaroring), Verstappen on Perez (Interlagos), Magnussen on Palmer (Circuit of the Americas), Vettel on Hülkenberg and Sainz (Shanghai International Circuit), Hülkenberg on Bottas (Suzuka)



    13th November – Super GT – Heikki Kovalainen & Kohei Hirate – Twin Ring Motegi – Race 8 of 8



    Must be the only list of current F1-drivers where Marcus Ericsson is competitive :) Driver of the Day!
    Some of Ericsson’s Spotify playlists are public. Just google “marcus ericsson spotify” if you’re interested.

    I’m sure many drivers chose songs like Surfin’ USA and Born in the USA just to please American race organisers and local fans.




    Neither car was damaged during the overtake

    That’s not true at all. Kimi’s car was damaged from the floor and front wing because of the impact. Arrivabene said the damage cost around 0.3s per lap for Kimi, which later on helped Rosberg to gain big enough margin. So all in all I’d say the move was ballsy but on the borderline concerning legality.
    I’m very surprised Rosberg’s tyre didn’t suffer a puncture after hitting Kimi’s front wing.



    1999: Mika Häkkinen
    2000: Mika Häkkinen
    2001: Michael Schumacher
    2002: Juan Pablo Montoya
    2003: Kimi Räikkönen
    2004: Jenson Button
    2005: Kimi Räikkönen
    2006: Fernando Alonso
    2007: Kimi Räikkönen
    2008: Robert Kubica
    2009: Jenson Button
    2010: Sebastian Vettel
    2011: Sebastian Vettel
    2012: Lewis Hamilton
    2013: Sebastian Vettel
    2014: Fernando Alonso
    2015: Sebastian Vettel



    I really really wanted Jaguar to become my favorite Formula E team, but the complete lack of green in their livery and driver line-up which is as dull as one can be makes it impossible.



    @hunocsi The car number 7 was ahead at that point. Car number 2 should’ve simply slow down and try to overtake to first corner with a slipstream.

    Kimi on Nasr at previous GP was quite a treat, sadly missed by FOM.



    Should’ve been a penalty for car number 2 for blatantly going over pitlane entry and gaining an advantage by doing so.

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