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    What keeps you awake at night?

    Caffeine, because that mucks your sleep pattern up

    If you could banish one thing from your life – for the rest of your life – what would it be?

    If I banished anything I wouldn’t be who I am

    What’s been your most valuable ‘life’ lesson?

    If anyone feels like you deserve your life to be better than it is, you are a lucky person

    What do you admire most?


    When were you happiest?

    Summer 2010

    If you could give your younger self some advice what would it be?

    It doesn’t all need to happen so soon

    If you had to stay in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

    Toronto, Canada

    What animal best reflects your personality?

    The turtle

    What is more important in life than winning?


    What would you spend your last dollar on?

    A bus ticket to your next adventure

    What is your greatest weakness?

    My greatest strength, as it is with all people

    How does it feel to be considered a hero?

    I imagine, the most undeserved yet greatest feeling ever

    What scares you?

    Height. The dark. The passage of time.

    What event can’t you forget but wish you could?

    If it was bad enough to want to forget it then I don’t deserve to.

    What’s your ultimate comfort food?

    Anything that reminds me of my childhood

    What’s your favourite smell?

    New book smell

    What tastes like home?

    The walls of my house. And overpowering garlic and onion.

    What’s the first thing you do when you get home after a race?




    Now that’s a street circuit! If it’s as long and wide as said then it’s going to be pretty cool.

    I don’t think running along the dual carriageway and then coming back is actually that unnecessary – with it, the circuit becomes roughly the same length as Sepang. Without it, it’d only be as long as Monaco and it’s deprived of a longer straight, which should make for some overtaking at the bottom of it and possibly a fightback through the hairpin and following left-hander.

    Can’t wait!



    I see from that wiki page that they’re already supporting the BTCC at Silverstone, so it would make sense to add them to the bill for the whole season, except that their calendar doesn’t align with the BTCC’s and I doubt they’d revise it that much, or may not be able to due to other series. Maybe from 2013?



    I hereby take back my words about Croft, the transition to TV has suited him. Not really fussed about not having more hours of analysis than there was racing.

    Surprised to see so many minor quibbles posted, guess I just don’t care about those things.



    Awful editing, like they couldn’t wait to get it over with.

    Ben Edwards was pretty uninspiring and I’m not sure where he gets his reputation from. Him and DC together was like white noise.



    I hope Grosjean’s paid enough or he’ll only have the Starter Edition.

    Lotus_GP.exe has crashed, circuit error E20.

    Lotus will fall behind with this new deal, everyone knows the Apple model is more suited to F1, ridiculously expensive and after a year a new one comes out.



    No Eddie Jordan and wardrobe talk. No Jake Humphrey saying “explain to the viewers at home”. No DC’s thinly-veiled bias. Sky has Brundle, Lazenby seems inoffensive as host, there’s Ted doing the technical stuff, Natalie and Georgie are mostly on the sidelines if you don’t think they add much, season review programs and interviews with past legends on a loop. Whole host of interactive stuff promised versus not even watching practice because there’s tennis. Well worth the extra money I would have had to pay were it not for an accommodating friend.

    Plus you can do this!



    My cousin fired up Teletext only for me to find Villeneuve was the 1997 champion.

    Someone also told me Button had won the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix but I probably wouldn’t have watched the highlights had I not known anyway.



    They’d be shooting into the air and firing up the grills for all the flying pigs they caught.

    But supposing it happens one day when it’s a more realistic proposition, I would imagine the atmosphere would be unimaginable ;-)



    I agree with @necrodethmortem It’s the epitome of the Block “ethos”.



    Here’s a controversial one: Nannini’s win at Suzuka in 1989 :P



    That is one funky livery.



    McLaren, no contest. STR is best of the rest.



    Best way to improve the Ferrari?

    Only Japanese WWII Flamethrower in Existance



    Found the 1997 review!

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