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    Interesting idea. What I’m not so sure about is thinking about it as pure chance – HRT does not have a winning chance of 1:24. Also, it’s not as rewarding to finish first with this system as it is with the current system (currently the point difference between two 2nd places and a 1st and 3rd place is 4 points, with your system it would be one point)… on the other hand, it would reward a 2nd place more.
    I wonder how much thought out were all the system used – are they mathematical like in this thread or is it just something like “so the winner gets 25 points, the runner-up should get 20 points, the 3rd 15 points……. No, wait, the winner isn’t rewarded enough, I think, let’s give the runner-up 18 points instead.” etc. etc.

    @Enigma: You’re not alone on that one… There’s a certain short Englishman who wants a system like that (and even has got some lobbying power).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)