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    James Whiteley

    I only started watching F1 in 2005, however I have watched every official season review since 1982.

    Of the full seasons which I have watched since 05, I would give the following ranking:

    1. 2010 – great racing and fantastic championship battle.
    2. 2012 – even better racing but the season seemed to loose momentum at the end. Could have done with a 3rd challenger.
    3. 2008 – great championship and a cracking showdown in Brazil. Gains points over 2007 due to better racing.
    4. 2007 – fantastic and exciting three way duel for the championship. Looses points for the quality of the racing.
    5. 2009 – fairy tail story with the emergence of Brawn and Button’s win against the odds. The romantic’s choice!
    6. 2014 – great championship battle until the final part of the season but lost momentum as Hamilton gained strength.
    7. 2005 – intriguing championship battle for the most part and a few classic and dramatic races.
    8. 2006 – great championship between Shumacher and Alonso but I remember the racing being generally dull.
    9. 2011 – quite good racing for the most part but a boring championship.
    10. 2013 – the tyre situation ruined the racing for me, coupled with an extremely boring championship.

    The top 10 including my season review choices:

    1. 1986 – perhaps the greatest season ever. Fantastic racing. Spellbinding championship battle in 1000 bhp cars. Magic!
    2, 1991 – classic year with Senna, Mansell, Prost, Schumacher, Piquet etc. Brilliant fight between Senna and Mansell.
    2. 2010 – yep, 2010 was really that good!
    3. 1982 – brilliant but tragic season. Probably the most open season of all time.
    4. 1990 – Senna Vs Prost championship more intriguing than 1989 as it opened up the Constructors. Some brilliant races.
    5. 1989 – Senna Vs Prost gets personal. Lacks the racing quality of 1990 and the championship was arguably spoiled.
    6. 2000 – the Schumacher vs Hakkinen battle at its best. Plus some great racing.
    7. 2003 – close championship with Montoya v Raikkonen v Schumacher. Slightly spoiled with the Michelin controversy.
    8. 2012 – great season as noted above.
    9. 2008 – for reasons noted above.
    10. 1988 – the original Senna vs Prost battle. Looses points for McLaren being too dominant.


    James Whiteley

    Kimi, is there any point in me asking you a question?


    James Whiteley

    I’d use something similar to my F1 2012 helmet. I loved my design:


    It looked especially nice in the Ferrari:



    James Whiteley



    James Whiteley

    Does anyone know when team radio was first introduced? I’d guess sometime in the mid 80s.


    James Whiteley

    Goddamit Vergne. 27 was reserved for a Ferrari!


    James Whiteley

    Raikkonen – 2003
    Alonso – 2012
    Button – 2009
    Hamilton – 2012
    Vettel – 2013

    Schumacher: 2004
    Senna: 1993
    Prost: 1986
    Mansell: 1992
    Hakkinen: 1998
    Hill: 1996
    Villeneuve: 1997


    James Whiteley

    The 2004 Hungarian Grand Prix usually wins this one. Literally nothing happened.


    James Whiteley

    I wonder what makes Kimi so damn good at Spa. It must be that his driving style is just perfectly suited to the characteristics of the circuit.


    James Whiteley

    Who cares?


    James Whiteley

    How I wish we could go back to the days in the early 90’s where teams could choose to run either a V8, a V10 or a V12. I know the world has changed and the emphasis is on smaller, more “relevant” technical innovations but the way in which the sport is moving these days leaves me completely cold. In my opinion turbo engines sound completely soulless compared to a screaming naturally aspirated engine but there we go.


    James Whiteley

    My favourites:
    Spa 1992: a really tactical race. It started to rain on about lap 4 causing all the front runners to pit for wets, all except Senna who stayed out on slicks. It turned out to be the wrong decision, and Schumacher ended up taking his first win.

    Suzuka 2005: absolutely awesome watching Alonso and Kimi come through the field. Kimi’s move on Fisi on the last lap was the perfect Hollywood ending.

    Mexico 1990: Alain Prost’s greatest race. He climbed up from 13th on the grid to win. The main reason I picked this one though is because of that stupefying move from Mansell at Berger’s expense through the Peraltada. The phrase “balls of steel” doesn’t quite do it justice!

    Adelaide 1986: the most dramatic title decider of all time surely. Famous for Mansell’s spectacular tyre failure. Prost stealthily went on to claim his second consecutive world title. A tragic moment for Mansell fans!

    Canada 2011: one of the greatest drives of all time by none other than Jenson Button. Watching him go from dead last to passing Vettel on the second to last lap had me jumping for joy.

    Nurburgring 2007: absolutely mental race! I was shocked to watch so many cars slide off in the rain at turn 1. Amazing drive by Alonso, overtaking the struggling Massa in the last few laps to take a fantastic victory. Also famous for the fact that debutante Markus Winkelhock actually led the race for roughly a lap at the restart!

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