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    Jayfreese Knight

    Three teams fighting for the championship and a McLaren team battling for the podium.

    One suggestion for the site would be to choose by default a top 5 for the predictions championship so we enter the game even if we forget to set a top 5 before qualifying.

    Thumbs up for F1F and happy new year 2017.


    Jayfreese Knight

    I started watching F1 in ’95, and went into full-season mode as early as ’96. Here’s mine @magon4:

    1996: Damon Hill
    1997: Jacques Villeneuve
    1998: Mika Hakkinen
    1999: Mika Hakkinen
    2000: Michael Schumacher
    2001: Michael Schumacher
    2002: Michael Schumacher
    2003: Juan Pablo Montoya
    2004: Michael Schumacher
    2005: Kimi Raikkonen
    2006: Fernando Alonso
    2007: Lewis Hamilton
    2008: Lewis Hamilton
    2009: Jenson Button
    2010: Sebastian Vettel
    2011: Sebastian Vettel
    2012: Fernando Alonso
    2013: Sebastian Vettel
    2014: Lewis Hamilton
    2015: Sebastian Vettel


    Jayfreese Knight

    That’s a tough one. It’s either make it or break it for him.

    If he can get a seat in Formula 1, then again he’ll think twice about it. I’m not sure he has the budget to land in a points-scoring team, so he may rather stay in IndyCar than getting blue flags in a Manor or a Sauber F1 car.
    Only Haas would be a good option for him in F1.

    In IndyCar, it’s quite different. He’s just won the Indy 500, one of the most famous race of the world, hats off!
    In the championship, he’s 11th thanks to a steady drive, standing ahead of past champions Montoya, Hunter-Reay and Bourdais.

    Looking at the full picture, I think he’ll stay in IndyCar next year, likely with Andretti, waiting in line along with Newgarden and Hinchcliffe to take a seat at Penske or Ganassi.


    Jayfreese Knight

    Everything’s too complicated. We need it simple, very simple.

    I’ve always been in favour of a one lap qualifying shootout.

    As in European Football, pull a number out of a box to determine the order. Then each driver has one lap, one televised full hot lap to set his time. Grid is set by fastest lap. Each driver has a pair of new boots on.

    Here’s the link to Buxton’s view of the matter.



    Jayfreese Knight

    Hi. I’ve been to Circuit Cat for testing in 2008, 2009 and 2010 so my answers might be out of date.

    1. You’ll probably find out next week about who’s driving when, but if you get there for three consecutive days then you’ll certainly be able to see all drivers as they usually either drive day 1&3 (or 2&4) or day 1&2 (or 2&4). [It’s getting unclear…]

    2. I don’t know about shuttle buses from my experience, we used to walk through the town to the circuit itself, it takes between 20 minutes to half an hour. But since, things might have changed and I hope you can find buses if needed.

    3.For testing I don’t remember if they are particularly cool or not regarding bag ownings, in 2009 we even brought our own pasta meal in a box filled with blunt knifes and forks. They may be more strict over alcohol as the circuit sells it in beer stands.

    I know it might have not helped you Vickie, enjoy your week in Montmelo while I’ll be working :)


    Jayfreese Knight

    I only play from time to time to chill out and as long as I have the Xbox 360 I can’t play new gen games. So I used to play F12014, 2013, etc… but there are boring as hell, it’s always the same: no fun.
    I have more fun with games like Forza Motorsport or Grid Autosport, it feels more like ‘sim game’ as there is lots of tracks, a career ladder, more diversity with cars, etc…
    Some Trackmania too is good training for my reflexes.


    Jayfreese Knight

    More news or more features? Features
    Would you like larger image galleries or more videos? None
    Should I spend more time replying to you in the comments or producing content? As you’d like

    Are there some articles you regularly look out for on F1 Fanatic or some you never bother with? Stats, Round-up…
    Perhaps you’re a long-time reader who misses a past feature you’d like to see return, or you’d like a way to participate in the creation of articles? Some more Top 10

    Would you change how the site functions? No
    Are there any social network you use where F1 Fanatic doesn’t have a presence, yet should? No

    Whatever you’d like to see more or less of from F1 Fanatic in the new year, please post your suggestions below:
    You’re just fine mate, the site’s just great. Keep up the good job and have a nice and healthy 2016.


    Jayfreese Knight

    Robert Kubica, Alx Danielsson, Alvaro Parente, Giedo van der Garde, Bertrand Baguette, Mikhail Aleshin, Robert Wickens, Robin Frijns, Kevin Magnussen, Carlos Sainz Jr, Sebastian Vettel, Jaime Alguersuari, Daniel Ricciardo, Jean-Eric Vergne, Antonio Felix da Costa, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Guerreri, Jules Bianchi, Sam Bird, Stoffel Vandoorne, Roberto Merhi, Oliver Rowland, Matthieu Vaxiviere, Charles Pic, Pastor Maldonado, Borja Garcia.


    Jayfreese Knight

    Definitely a single-seater ladder. F1 games are too poor in terms of content: in the end it’s only 10 (may vary) different cars and 20 (may vary) different tracks. You ain’t got anything more than that ultimatly.

    I bought Grid Autosport for that “ladder” reason, but didn’t own F1 2014 who’s just another F1 game…

    Something like a career through F3 to F2 (should I write Future F2?) to F1 would just please me.


    Jayfreese Knight

    1. France
    2. Canal +
    3. All races live on Canal +
    4. All qualifying sessions live on Canal + Sport
    5. All practice sessions live on Canal + Sport
    6. 25€/month (300€/year) for Canal+ and Canal + Sport. Both channels broadcast a lot more than just F1: Canal + broadcasts films, series, documentaries, sports, TV shows etc… and Canal + Sport broadcasts football, basketball, handball, F1, hockey, golf, rugby, sailing etc…
    As my wife and I share the bills, I effectively pay 12.5€/month (150€/year) for all contents.
    7. Broadcast coverage online for Canal + and Canal + Sport on PC, Mac, Tablets… via mycanal.fr
    8. RMC radio station and streaming websites such as those you know.


    Jayfreese Knight

    I’m a French F1 fan for almost 20 years and in the country the sport’s visibility has just gone from bad to worse in the last few years.

    From no driver on the grid to no home race to pay tv, audience will never be what it was.

    The older generation won’t by a suscription to watch live a race. They’ll just get the results later, bu luck on the radio or newspapers.

    The younger generation can’t by a suscription without their parents’ agreement and won’t be able to see F1 live if they don’t have the channel that broadcasts it. I even know a 15 year-old go-kart racer who doesn’t have Canal+ and just can’t watch his favorite sport live at home.

    Remember, we have no home Grand Prix in France, so no adverts for F1, but we have a four-time world champion engine and as much as three points-scoring drivers on the grid. But you can’t love a sport you can’t see…

    The Alain Prost era is far away now and most fans here are passionate from that time.

    I (McLaren fan) managed to convert my wife (turned strictly Hamilton fan), my brother (turned Vettel/Red Bull fan) and two of my best-friends (turned Alonso and Ferrari fan) to the sport, but it’s the best I can do if FOM/FIA/Promoters does not help me and my fellow F1 Fanatics.

    The situation of F1 is critical and something must be done about a F a O and a M.
    It’s called social media and fan experience.


    Jayfreese Knight

    It’s Mr Marc Limacher who has made the Business Book GP, he’s the editor of TomorrowNewsF1.com and he’s very much involved in the sport business.

    I know him personally, he’s a reliable guy and I trust him, but as said above some figures are there to fill the gaps.

    The list gives a first impression of drivers’ salaries but far from being totally correct as we don’t know the whole story about teams and money.

    I have the book and it is good lecture.


    Jayfreese Knight

    The problem with F1 is the constant changes of rules. That’s one of the point why people don’t watch it; they do not understand it.

    As @geemac mentioned above as ‘qualifying handicap’, why would you handicap the team/driver that has done a better job? They don’t do that in football, and it’s the most popular sport over the globe.


    Jayfreese Knight

    Grosjean overtaking Webber on the outside of Turn 1 at the start.
    It made his race, which was a champ material one.


    Jayfreese Knight

    @wsrgo Da Costa replaces Kvyat at Carlin for Macau F3 GP

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