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    Good point. How are the toilets at the track? lol



    I haven’t seen anything written any where that said you weren’t allowed to bring food. There’s no mention of it in the terms of entry. As long as it isn’t alcohol or in a glass bottle you should be able to bring in any drink you like as long as the container is still sealed.
    I’ll be bringing in food for sure. Curry egg sandwiches ftw.

    Patrons must not, without the prior written consent of AGPC, have in their possession at the Event, or
    bring into the Event any
    a. alcoholic beverage (unless purchased at the Event); bottle or glass container (unless purchased at the Event);

    c.beverage container with the manufacturer’s seal broken (unless purchased at the Event);

    d. hard cased esky or ice box (polystyrene, eskies and cooler bags acceptable)
    e. chair, lounge, bench or stool, other than a folding chair or folding stool;
    p. goods or tickets for the purpose of sale or commercial distribution to Patrons; lenses with a physical length greater than 400mm or anyother item which mightreasonably obstructs the view of any other Patron;

    EDIT: Just realised you specifically said grandstand. I’ll leave it there for anyone else wanting to know.



    @Fer no.65
    Does that mean no more USED CAR market? Will we be able to buy any car we want in game at any time as long as we have the money? Was a real pain having to constantly check the dealership for RUFs, the Caterham etc



    I just checked my EPG and noticed Moto GP was added to the ONE HD schedule and LIVE this weekend. Now I find out F1 is back on ONE HD.
    Awesome news. Folks in the East are still stuck with SD but at least it’s live. Keep fighting guys!

    I wonder if it was Mark who actually made it happen?

    24 Apr Mark Webber Mark Webber ‏ @aussiegrit
    Come on @tensporttv @onehd I hear out great Australian motor sport fans are not happy with rescheduling of timings of the GPs. #letsgolive

    24 Apr TEN Sport ‏ @tensporttv @aussiegrit Hey Mark, just posted an update at Good luck in Spain!

    Guys at TENSPORT

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)