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    I thought it was excelent. I’ve just read Dan’s review and it’s the most biased and unaccurate review I’ve seen in years, he obviously has some axe to grind because of “Grand Prix the killer years”.

    Although not 100% accurate, the inaccuracies were minor. I certainly didn’t think the doccumentary blamed the cars or drivers, quite the contrary, they pointed out that this was what the popular press claimed, but I thought that the doccumentary did a reasonable job of trying to disprove this. Contrary to Dan’s claim most rallies at the time did get around 1 million spectators per event which of course is impossible for F1, but rallying’s coverage on TV at the time was very poor. Spectating was also free!

    I used to be a rally marshal at the time and always did the RAC. It brought back great memories, as well as remembering the constant plea to spectators not to stand on the outside of bends. A plea all to often ignored, the consequences of which this doccumentary clearly showed.

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