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    Well hubby now knows about his present next year + is excited!! Could only afford a ticket for Sunday so we are in the stand after the exit from the tunnel. Accommodation in Monaco booked too + flights. Do you have to pre-book the resturaunts for dinner during Grand Prix weekend???


    we are also going over next year. hubby’s big birthday present but he doesn’t know yet!! any help anyone can give me would be gracefully appreciated!! flights booked, accommodation been booked from 2011!!!! just to buy the tickets now, hubby loves the roar of the cars coming out the tunnel there, so want the stand closest to the exit.


    Hiya Caroline

    We would be flying in on the Thursday so not sure what we can do. Will check nearer the time + see what prices come up. Thank you :)


    Had a nosey at the Hospitality Events. Due to working part-time, its taking all my money to pay the hotel, flights + tickets so will not be able to “do” hospitality :( Will figure out something extra for the hubby. He has always wanted to stay at the Hotel De Paris so am looking at a night there after the Grand Prix is finished.


    Thank you Caroline for your input. Is there a website where I can find out about the hospitality events?? (am so dumb + have no idea where to look!!)
    Thank you :)


    Hiya – not sure if someone can help me. My husband is 50 next year + his present is the Grand Prix in Monaco. Have already booked the accommodation in Monaco, so just the tix to get. He wants to be near the tunnel so he can hear the roar of the engines. Will he hear them with ear plugs i?!? Ha!!

    Anyone know of anything I can either pre-book or pay for, to make his weekend extra special??

    Thank you :) Teresa

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)