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    Yes, it might. But your other option is to “push like hell” and overdrive the tires.
    Then again, DRS should be simply gone in 2014 with the enormous power of ERS.


    That’s plain stupid. If it was that amusing and nothing to be ashamed of, why we haven’t seen it yet?


    This – – there’s a part number when zoomed.
    Original genuine part from Jenson’s BAR Honda 2006 – Titanium wing insert, 14 grams, stiff as rock.
    Actually, I bought it – it’s on my keys now. Also ordered a Kimi “Leave me alone T-shirt”, waiting for the shipping to be completed.

    I’d also love a belt and some track wear, like jacket, which is presumably very wind-proof – winter is coming.


    Reb Bull KERS is apparently 60 HP :)
    But I love Letterman – he’s a nice guy with a sense of humor and lovely humorous laugh ;)


    Quite a lot. Here in Bulgaria, the free-to-air TV tossed F1 away, and a paid channel took it. My current cable TV provider will charge me 1.5 euro per month for digital signal package, which comes with TV+ included.
    So, bottom line: 18 euro per year to watch F1 in digital signal.
    People in UK must be really wealthy, yes?


    1. Vettel – out of reach so far, although latest Silverstone race was interesting, allegedly he had a problem with KERS ? I need to see “almost” equal cars and then I can really judge driving, and oh, I need to see Vettel catching up and trying to overtake someone like Hamilton, Webber, Button or Alonso.

    2. Alonso – extracted the best out of every situation – still a lot to show.

    3. Lewis Hamilton – endless passion about racing, though sometimes off-limits.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)