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    was there any particular drivers autograph you wanted? If so email/ ring the relevant teams press office and get hold of a copy of there public/press appearance schedule as they will have it worked out more less were they will be at any point during the weekend. Back in 2005 i went to silverstone and over heard two members of the press dsccusing…[Read more]

  • Its true that on a sub conscus level Rosberg might have a “on/ off switch” that is preventing him from finding the kind of form he needs to achive to beat Hamilton. If he cant switch it on soon, it will become inevtable that Mercedes will put all their effort behind Hamilton as he will be their best chance in the championship

  • I accept what you say about Moss in 1955 and that i was wrong to include it in the above examples. However the pointvi was trying to make is that some drivers have the extra mental capacity/ strength to overcome psychlogical challanges when compared to others i.e not let another driver “get in your head”, Hamilton had this problem last year which…[Read more]

  • Have we seen the best of Rosberg? is a question i have been asking myself as it seams clear to me with his answers to the press (Lewis drove like a world champion)/ comments to the team over the radio (C’omn… after qualifying in china) that he isn’t as happy this year as he was last year. If you forget/ put to one side how competitive the…[Read more]

  • They start the weekends with 13 sets and by the time qualifying starts there are 4 sets of primes and 3 sets of options left (except for maybe one used set of primes they’re usually all fresh). There’s also that […]

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  • I agree they must be on multi year contracts or at least have get out clauses. However after how he was treated last year by McLaren (who must have know that Alonso was driving for them this year at a board room level at least), I wouldn’t be surprised if Button is looking into other forms of motorsport such as the world endurance championship

  • Just a thought but why don’t you start with a logo for Ferrari/ Renault/ Mercedes/ Honda on top of a box labelled Engine R & D for hybrid technology for the 2015 season.

    Mercedes put in a lot of money
    Ferrari put in some
    Renault hardly put any in at all
    Honda don’t put anything in

    Skip to a screen called 2015 season with engines with
    A Mercedes…[Read more]

  • It is sad to see him in this role some ways that although he is a talented racing driver (just as anyone who races in F1 regardless of the “pay driver” title is), that a young driver isn’t given the opportunity to […]

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    That is very valid points about sufficient toilets/ food requirements etc. But the point I am trying to make is it is surely worth the money to hire a car park/ disused suitable space.I genuinely think this would pay for it self as the team could sell merchandise let fans get close to old cars/ hear a V10 engine fired up and used by test driver to…[Read more]

  • I don’t like Red Bull as a team I respect them for buying the struggling Jaguar team and turning it around to win 4 consecutive driver/ constructor titles, but don’t like the way that they seem to “fast track” drivers who they support in the lower formulas into positions were they are not ready and as a result struggle to make an impact so…[Read more]

  • With the current situation were the teams are struggling for money/ sponsers i am supprised that nobteam has decided to “diversify” its marketing strategy to generate money from F1 fans themselves.

    For example why not sell tours round the factory (may around the august break when anything “sensative or confidential” is locked away and wont…[Read more]

  • I agree with you when i first started watching F1 around 1996 i just to eagly watch as much coverage as i could (and read as much as i could when i got acess to the internet). So i would feel i have a fairly good laymans understanding of the technology/ history of the sport but i am inceasing finiding it difficult to stay motivated to watch the…[Read more]

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    I agree F1 needs a serious re think, as the way it is going i can genuely see F1 far from being the pinicle of motorsport it ends up like A1 motorsport series (not worth fincialy contiuning as all major sponsers etc pull out). As there are ways that F1 can stop this happening, but due to a few people reluctant to change with the times or…[Read more]

  • May i ask who signed the shirts? And do you have any proof that is geniune signitures i.e cetficate of authencticty etc?

  • Since it is looking unlikely that there wont be a German grand prix this year, that means the drivers will have 1 less grand prix week end worth of mileage to cover. So will we see more action on track on Fridays? It might even help Daniel Kvyat or Alonso/ Magnussen (who each had engine problems in Melbourne), so they are not as disadvantaged as…[Read more]

  • Whenever a team scored a 1-2 in Melbourne (1996, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2009) it went on to also win the constructor’s title and the victorious driver won the driver’s championship that same year.

  • Something else I would like to know is if Manor don’t make the 107% lap time in qualifying and are not allowed to race, would they still be allowed their share of the 2014 prize money?

  • The 2015 Manor/ Marrsuia chassis when completed and raced finds an previously unknown aerodynamic loop hole in the rules meaning it is faster than the rest of the grid and is competing for wins podiums at every curcuit

  • A very happy 10th birthday to F1 Fanatic, my only regret about this website is I didn’t come across it years ago as quite simply its one of the best if not the best F1 websites I have ever found!!

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