• I don’t know that they’re BOP’ing the cars like that anymore. I believe the only way they balance the cars now is w/the fuel flow limits, not air restrictors, etc. I may be wrong but I’m almost certain the WEC was […]

  • Ya it’s just too bad V8SC races are no longer aired in the US b/c Fox Sports gave that series the axe when they rebranded it from Speed. What’s even worse is that the geniuses at V8SC try and charge you to watch […]

  • FOM couldn’t be bothered to care about its fans. As a matter of fact I think just recently Bernie stated that he doesn’t care for social media or establishing a viral presence.

  • Hopefully they don’t try and start a whole other DTM in the states, the racing world is already too oversaturated. If anything they should just add a US race to the calendar (COTA, Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca, etc).

  • The races are aired on CBS Sports Network in the US, so you can watch them on TV.

  • Great article. The thing that sucks is that DTM is no longer uploading full races to their Youtube channel anymore. However, you can still probably find the races on there b/c various individuals upload them on […]

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