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    Jonny C

    Sebastian Vettel
    1. Italy 2008 – Dominated in the wet, don’t think I could fault any of that weekend for him if I tried!
    2. Italy 2011 – Needed to pass Alonso and get away from DRS, did it, then ran away.
    3. Germany 2013 – Home win, did enough to keep the charging Lotus’ behind.
    4. Abu Dhabi 2010 – Masterful drive, very much deserving win to clinch his first drivers championship.
    5. Japan 2012 – Nobody seemed in the same league as him all weekend.

    Lewis Hamilton
    1. Britain 2008 – Bad quali but made up for it in the race. A great start, clean pass on his team mate, then drove away from the field in the toughest conditions to win on home soil.
    2. Japan 2007 – Worst conditions possible for leading the championship with 3 races to go in your rookie year. Destroyed the field while Alonso threw it in the wall to put himself inches from the championship.
    3. Germany 2008 – Team made the wrong call during the safety car but was so much quicker he pulled back through to win. Sure to say, it was a definite trademark drive from him.
    4. Canada 2007 – First win, completely chaotic race, out classed Alonso, made no mistake all weekend. What more can I say?
    5. USA 2007 + 2012 – ’07 he resisted Alonso and showed him he wouldn’t just move aside for him; ’12 hunted down Vettel all weekend, had one chance and took it.

    Fernando Alonso
    1. San Marino 2005 – Will probably always stick in my head because of the ITV coverage. Few laps to go with Michael hounding down on him, and they cut for adverts… Don’t think I’ve ever been so annoyed at the TV. Have watched it again though, plenty of times, and was a true showing of Alonso’s nerves of steel.
    2. Singapore 2010 – Took pole in a season where Red Bull dominated quali and kept Vettel behind him for lap after lap.
    3. Europe 2012 – Granted he had luck on his side that day, but what an incredible drive through the field at a track not known for its overtaking.
    4. Malaysia 2012 – Still unsure of how Alonso pulled off a win in that car at the start of the season. The joy from the whole team following the finish was beautiful, really shows how much it means to every person who works in the team.
    5. Italy 2010 – Winning at Monza in a Ferrari, can’t really say much more than that.

    Kimi Raikkonnen
    1. Japan 2005 – By far Kimi’s most inspiring drive. The speed he clawed Fisichella in at the end was insane, and the pass round the outside on the last lap is one of my favourites ever
    2. Malaysia 2003 – First win in what wasn’t the best car. Started 7th and was in the lead by lap 14, only losing it again to Barrichello during the pit stops and winning by nearly 40sec.
    3. Belgium 2009 – Only win in a terrible season proved his skills in the Arden Forrest.
    4. Belgium 2004 – Pretty much same.
    5. Australia 2007 – First outing for Ferrari and wins crushingly, leaving the McLarens for dead. One mistake locking up and going wide due to lack of concentration, but otherwise perfect start to his championship year.


    Jonny C

    Is it Williams? Just spent ages looking through wiki etc to try find some links between them and this was the only one I could find that was close to F1 :P


    Jonny C

    1. Germany
    2. Great Britain
    3. Finland
    4. Spain
    5. Australia
    6. France
    7. Brazil
    8. Mexico
    9. Venezuela
    10. Netherlands

    I don’t expect too many surprises (but I guess that’s why they’re surprises) come end of the season.

    I think Germany and Britain will walk it with Germany taking it with a decent gap, Seb looks ready for a 4th title and even if not both Nico’s and Sutil should score regular high points.
    Bottas will be the difference between Finland and Spain, though I expect Alonso to beat Kimi.
    Webber will beat Grosjean and I don’t expect Vergne, Pic, Bianchi or Ricciardo to make any real difference between France and Australia.
    Massa looks much better for the start of this year and think he’s score more than Perez having seen the poor speed of the McLaren, and I’m not expecting more than a handful of points finishes from Gutierrez. Both will beat Maldonado unless he has a stellar season.
    As for Van de Garde, I’ll be frankly amazed if he makes it through the season.


    Jonny C

    Raikkonnen on Schumacher through the Senna S, was breathtaking how close they were. Amazing skills


    Jonny C

    One day after Fernando has left.

    When all is said and done, will Hamilton move from Mercedes before his contract ends?

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