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    I respect hardcore online sim racing – after all, I’ve done enough of it in my time – but the thing about the Collantine Cup was that it was intended to be more casual. The emphasis was on fun, accesible, community-oriented racing. So we had no damage allowed and no ‘stewards’ investigating incidents. It wasn’t supposed to be that seriously.

    It was just a group of people getting together to enjoy eight races over the off-season. Good, relaxed fun. I think it was the right approach for what we wanted on here and I think we had a heck of a lot of fun with it.

    If I was going to reboot the Cup, I would be intending to stick to the same approach of not having damage or pit line speeding penalties and not having a calendar bigger than eight races.

    If that’s what a lot of people here would want, then I might consider giving it a shot with this new game.


    I guess I could always resurrect the Collantine Cup at long last…


    Look at this amazing car.



    Another ugly IndyCar oval crash.


    Clearly he was suffering from a severe lack of downforce.


    Greg Rust, Alan Jones and now Webbah?

    That’s the holy trinity of Australian motorsport right there.


    I’ve heard a lot about ALS just from these videos and even Webber’s video quite clearly mentions ‘ALS’ in the title.


    As much as I understand the BPL trying to protect its intellectual property, the fact is that people will always find ways to watch and share Premier League clips online.

    The same is also true with F1. The best thing to do at this stage isn’t to try and fight against it, but embrace it.


    I like the fact that ‘British’ rounds of major international racing series are taking place in places other than just England.

    Wales now has MotoGP and WRC. The Isle of Mann has the TT. Scotland has… erm… a BTCC round at Knockhill…


    I like that they have nailed the sound of the cars under braking, but it does rather sound like Polyphony Digital worked on the engine audio for this year’s game!


    The fish stinks from the head.


    @davef1 I agree that they may have been better off skipping 2014 and concentrating on 2015, but they may be required by their license with FOM to release a game every year.

    The next-gen 2015 game is being built from the ground-up. So they will no longer be using an adapted version of their EGO engine, but will be creating a purpose built game engine for it from scratch. Which will mean no more recycled animations, the ability to change cars in replay mode and many more things that we all want.


    @robocat I would argue that F1’s love affair with tobacco sponsors is something that the sport should really be ashamed of and that there isn’t anything wrong with whitewashing the logos from the sport’s history.


    Word of advice to young hot-shot drivers: if you’re going to make a risky pass like that, make sure you don’t give the stewards any reason to get funny with you about it.


    9pm UK time on ESPN.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,480 total)