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    Yeah actually I have noticed that the RBR’s wings “tremble” so to speak much more when the car goes over a kerb as compared to other cars. In slo-mo it just feels like the nose cone is made out of flexible plastic rather than carbon fibre.



    I see Maldonado’s feeling the effects of the summer break as well.
    Pastor probably forgot those were kerbs and On normal roads as well you’re supposed to AVOID them. What a maroon!!!



    1 – Fernando Alonso : Alonso would be on top of this list even if he were not leading the WDC. That the Ferrari was a near wreck at the start of the season is easily forgotten. Not only has Alonso shown his wonderful racing skills, he has also shown intelligence and understanding of strategy as well. So many of his drives this year have been examples of how to drive, under pressure, ahead of the field, in a pack, off the start line, while overtaking, while being overtaken and so on. Clearly, he is a shoo in to win 1st place in these rankings and no less deserved.

    2- Mark Webber : I think Mark gets this vote from me not because of his position in the standings but for the fact that after being beaten – no, after being pummeled – by Sebastian last year, he has come back amazingly strong and focused. I do think that it was partly due to the confidence he had early in the year when the car suited him but not Sebastian. In any case he has done very well for me and has also had some great races.

    3- Lewis Hamilton : Lewis has had to cope with a lot of disappointment this season. Maybe he would be thinking that he should have been higher in the standings if not for a lot of unfortunate and at times avoidable errors. Nonetheless, he has driven very well.

    4- Kimi Raikkonen : Kimi has finished what Romain has always started. It has become almost routine that Romain is the qualifier and Kimi become the finisher. Time away from the sport has clearly not dampened the desire one bit. Nor has the skill and the guile reduced. Kimi has always been so close to the top of the podium that it can become frustrating. However, I think we might see him get one, very soon. Can you say Spa ?

    5- Romain Grosjean : The second Lotus driver has shown skill that at times equals Kimi. He has always qualified well and has shown a great level of understanding of his team mate. I consider him to be the best team player on the grid. Nonetheless, he has been a welcome addition to the grid.

    6- Sergio Perez : I rate him higher than a lot of the drivers on the grid for his skill. Agreed that the Sauber is good on its tyres but Sergio takes it to the next level. I think even the top teams must be afraid if Perez is behind them because he is most likely on a “one-stop less” startegy. I see him driving for some big team pretty soon.

    7- Vettel : Vettel has kind of disappointed this year. While he is third on the standings, I expect that Lewis and Kimi will have a fair chance to overtake him very soon. It almost seems like without the car he is not the champion he was. Something like Tony Stark without the Iron Man suit. Very Mortal.

    8- Massa : This year Massa seems to be driving better and more confidently. His curse will always be to be compared to Alonso who always drives at 110%. He does not have the points yet but I am hoping he will have them soon enough.

    9- Schumi : Again, like Massa he has had the best year since his return to F1. A pole that wasn’t at Monaco and a 3rd place finish as well. Also has outshone his younger team mate this year. Let down by the car once again.

    10- Kobayashi : Kamui has driven the Sauber to its potential and entertained with his driving as well.

    11- Hulkenberg : I rate Hulkenberg higher than Button and Rosberg because it seems that he has been able to get more out of his car than the other 2 and Di Resta. The form guides will also show that Nico has been ahead of Paul for quite a few races now. Also, I don’t remember him getting into any incidents, his only penalty being a gearbox change.

    12- Button : Looks like his form is on the upswing but at this point 12 in my opinion reflects his struggles with the McLaren and the problem does not seem to be with the car.

    13- Rosberg : Like Button, has looked listless this season except that one win.

    14- Di Resta : Lot of promise, not being fulfilled. Ahead on points but form seems to be dropping. Hope Im wrong.

    15- Bruno Senna : Hasn’t done much of note in a highly superior Williams.

    16- Heiki : Again has driven beyond the Caterham’s potential. To think what he could achieve in a better team.

    17- Maldonado : I really wanted to drop him lower. I have been appalled at his driving and his attitude. I don’t think F1 is the place for a driver who barges into another driver. Consider that he is the most penalized driver this year and nearly the most last year as well I think. Skills and performances cannot make up for actions like that.

    18- Daniel : Better than Vergne

    19- Vergne : Not as good as Daniel.

    20- Glock
    21- Pedro De La Rosa : Has kept the HRT on the track and driven it to or beyond its potential.
    22- Pic
    23- Narain Karthikeyan : Stable and decent driving. Has kept out of everyones way yet 24 is all he can get.



    Does this mean we have to wait till upgrade pack no 2 to see a stable Lotus platform?



    The current F1 game is pretty awesome in its own right. Codemasters seem to be very interested in the series and F1 2010 and 2011 have created a good, solid base for further games. I think the games need a little fine-tuning in the AI department and the general handling aspect of the cars. Also they could expand upon the in-game R&D section to let the player decide which part of the car they would like to develop, for example, Front-Wing or Exhaust as well as depending on how well you do in a season, the next season chances for ‘developing’ a unique part increase. Would definitely add to the game experience.



    Watkins Glen would be my guess



    I started the year in utter contempt for Seb who I thought did not deserve to be a world champion. But as each qualifying session went by contempt turned into disbelief and disbelief into awe as each time he pulled something out of the bag to stand on pole and on the winners spot. Seb takes 1st place from me.

    What amazed me about Button this year was the way he went about his drives. A general trend that I noted was that he would keep pace till about halfway through and then find some hidden performance in his car. Canada was the best example of that. Button gets 2nd Place for being the only man I felt to be able to challenge Seb.

    Alonso and Sutil get honorable mentions for their performances throughout the year. Alonso making the Ferrari look much better than it really was and Sutil for powering FI in the second half of the season to take 6th in constructors and only 4 points behind Renault.

    Di Resta and Perez impressed as rookies with Di Resta being slightly higher.

    Worst driver in the top 10 being Felipe Massa, who I felt was all at sea in that Ferrari. Although I wont go as far as to say that he should quit, he needs to pick himself up and think only about 2012. Same goes for Hamilton.

    To the drivers ill also add the worst team and that goes to Williams for a horrendous season where nothing went right for them and their lacklustre performance was matched only by Renault in the second half.

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