• I love Seb, but find it very difficult to like Red Bull. That said, you have to respect their engineering and race strategy/management. My girlfriend loves Ferrari and Red Bull though (take a guess as to why, […]

  • I think Webber summed it up rather nicely by saying, “Seb will have protection, as always, and that’s all there is to it,” or something to that effect.

    I love Vettel. But will openly admit to being lulled into […]

  • Haha, Pastor’s crash is not entirely his fault from what I saw. The car spun coming out of a straight—well before the corner—with little or no input from him whatsoever. That is just a bad, bad car.

    The rest of […]

  • Vettel’s use of DRS against Alonso around the mid-40’s/early-50’s was curious. If i’m remembering correctly (3:30AM at the time), it did absolutely nothing. I believe the commentary was to the effect of, “Vettel’s […]

  • Also, with regards to Pastor Maldonado’s comments coming out of Qualifying: he’s right. Did anyone see the cockpit view when he went off? I was expecting some twitch, some flick of the wheel, any input from him to […]

  • In spite of the race airing at 2AM EST here in America, I was absolutely glued to my television.

    Adrian Sutil anybody? Where did Joyce’s (I’m assuming? Casual observer until late) genius management of his tires […]

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