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    This is really good :-D


    I am also giving it a serious attempt but since I start the challenges quite late after launch I am always a second and a half quicker than the gold medal time but always end up 20000th or some thing like that :-/ Does anybody know how to claim the cars we win?


    Haha oh my goodness! The other teams don’t have a chance this year now :-/


    How many incidents does NASCAR cause seriously in the last few meetings numerous incidents have been caused. F1 you get your odd big incident or a pile up rarely & F1 drivers are more exposed to the elements and yet are still safer than in NASCAR!


    That was totally awesome still sucks Hamilton didn’t win the title that year but hey!


    Happy to help. HTC hd7 windows phone running mango and IE9 and iPhone 3gs ios5


    I watch DTM and its an awesome sport cars look amazing but its hardly any contact hope btcc doesn’t go down the same route

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)