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    Here’s mine:

    22) Haryanto-people make a fuss he’s out-qualified Wehrlein a few times. I’m not impressed. He’s vastly more experienced on most of the tracks, so that helps to string a qualy lap together. But he’s been smashed by PW in the races. Clearly not F1 material

    21) Palmer- has been underwhelming in 9 of the 12 GP’s so far. Not as bad as Haryanto at least

    20) Ericsson-Started the season well. Then returned to his usual form

    19) Kvyat-He’s a much better driver than this ranking. But if he can’t keep his head together under pressure then he’s clearly not a future WDC and RBR made the right decision

    18) Nasr- Despite big improvement since changing chassis I’m disappointed with Nasr. Especially because, in opposition to many here, I rate him very highly and since long before he reached F1. FN needs to get his act together and destroy Ericsson consistently. Otherwise the unjust pay driver moniker will stick with him forever

    17) Gutierrez-I’ve ranked him above more talented drivers simply because he’s performing much closer to his full potential than them. The sooner he realizes that his ambitions are too high and moves to a category where he can be top level, the better for him. In F1 he’s running out of talent

    16) Massa-time for Felipe to leave, unless he raises his level considerably in H2 2016

    15) Magnussen-has mostly driven well, and beaten Palmer comfortably. But that was expected of him. Needs to raise his level even higher in H2 to be sure of being retained

    14) Wehrelein- an uneven performance, but that’s to be expected of an even very talented rookie. Will be out to much sterner test against Ocon

    13) Grosjean- was out-qualified too many times by talent-limited Guti. Has driven exceptionally well at times, but has to understand that whining on the radio is not the way to move team forward. If anything it might be a reason enough to discourage a top team from hiring him

    12) Hulkenberg- not enough from one of the most talented drivers in the world. Despite re-establishing his qualifying domination of Perez, he must do more in the races when it counts. Otherwise he’ll be remembered in a F1 as the 2010’s version of Jarno Trulli and that would be a travesty(Trulli is underrated anyway but his level should be no match for the Hulk)

    11) Button-still very much deserves to be on the grid, unlike Massa. whether he’ll want to continue in the midfield mostly after 2016 that’s the question

    10) Raikkonen-on pure talent much higher than p10. But pure talent is far from enough. His lack of adaptability to everything(from cars characteristics to ruthless Verstappen tactics) is infuriating and a waste

    9) Bottas-has coped with the decline in Williams’ performance much better than Massa and beat him comfortably both in qualy and in races. Still somehow underrated but IMO ready for next step

    8) Perez-Overrated. A driver of very high highs but also very low lows. In other words, not a top level team driver

    7) Vettel- As was proven sporadically even in his WDC years, conclusively in 2014, and yet again now, he can’t drive at his best when he’s frustrated. He begins to make mistakes, and suddenly the adbantage he enjoyed over his team-mate when he was in high spirits evaporates. Needs to address this mental flaw to become a truly complete driver

    6) Rosberg-has inherent weaknesses as a driver I’ve noticed in 2006 already and still has them, especially in mixed conditions and in wheel to wheel combat. He will, therefore, never be a true top level F1 driver even if he wins a WDC but rather a step below the true greats

    5) Alonso-still a top performer in pretty much every situation, an all time great, no doubt. But as always, his barbs toward his own team are counter-productive and show that his still hasn’t managed to cure his one off-track flaw that has prevented him from winning more than 2 WDC so far, which his talent deserves

    4) Sainz-very nearly as good as Verstappen. Which means he’s an exceptional talent and a potential WDC. Extracted 100% of STR performance nearly everywhere

    3) Verstappen-what more can be said about him? Once a generation talent. I just wish he would stop marring his brilliance with dirtyness and replace it with fairiness

    2) Hamilton-IMO took the title of the most complete F1 driver from Alonso. Now has the mental toughness to complement his always-freakish speed. His return from being so far back to lead the WDC is ample proof of that

    1) Ricciardo-gone are the days when DR was more often than not faster than JEV in qualy only to be more often than not slower than him in the races. Since 2014 he’s come up in leaps and bounds. Just absolutely unbelievable drivers with only strengths and no noticeable weaknesses

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