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    I went to Budapest last June for a week and it was amazing. Throw in an F1 weekend and this place is going to be buzzing.

    I got my tickets for this through in Silver 4. I used the same company last year for Barcelona without any problems.


    Tickets on sale for the 2014 race. Looking at either Gold 1, 2 or Silver 4. Any advice on these would be much appreciated.


    Im staying on Las ramblas.

    Does anyone know if you can take your own drink and food into the circuit?


    Everything is sorted now, flights, hotel, race tickets and bus tickets to the circuit.

    Anyone else in stand J?


    my tickets arrived from BookF1 this morning. Not long to go now


    Does anyone know if you have to buy tickets in advance for the bus from Plaza Sant Joan or can you pay when you get on?


    Ive used BookF1 aswell. A friend of mine recommended them saying they provide a top quality service.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)