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    In my view, I’d prefer hyping-up to be kept to the build-up of a race. But once the lights go out I’d like to be told what’s happening.
    Commentate on the race you have, not the race you want.

    Part of me thinks this has to do with F1’s commentary being tailored towards its more mainstream following.
    Like Football’s “Can they keep this lead, with just minutes remaining, to end the streak?!”
    Or Tennis’ “Can he use this break to stage one of the great comebacks?!”
    [probably bad examples]

    In that case, maybe it is seen as part of their job to try to keep viewers engaged.
    So it makes sense to keep up some pretence of potential action, even when the result already looks set. Or comparing an action to something historically similar. Or a statistic that may or may not be actually relevant. All to help dress-up the situation.

    It can be hyperbolic and/or annoying at times. But I feel its not being aimed at me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)