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    Any probability Da Costa still had probably went out of the window when he agreed to do DTM. Sure, there’s Di Resta and further back Albers, but considering Red Bull usually park their drivers in reserve seats, I think they never intended him to be on the path to F1 after moving him there.

    As for Sainz and Gasly, if they’re still in FR3.5 next year, I’ll have to buy them a beer and apologize on behalf of the Dutch F1 fans who haven’t got their orange shades on..

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    Current realistic/boring expectations:


    Red Bull


    (I’d say there is a 33% chance they drop Massa for Nasr.)

    Force India

    (Boullier makes his move, Button goes fishing with Brawn and Withmarsh.

    Toro Rosso
    (Verstappen is too young and moves into Sainz’ FR3.5 seat. Sainz moves only if he wins the FR3.5 championship, if not I can see Vergne being retained. IF Gasly beats Sainz somehow, I can see him making the move.)

    (People keep mentioning their test driver(s), I think Vergne would be a much more logical pick.)

    (Sauber seems to have dropped the ball monumentally, Ferrari decide to keep Bianchi where he’s at. They replace one British cash cow with another.)

    -de Silvestro
    (Despite all the rumors, Sauber keep Gutierrez because there’s a Mexican GP. de Silvestro simply outbids VDG and Sirotkin.)

    -Don’t know
    -Don’t care

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    I’d rather have the music industry develop something like this. Artists gain little from the 65% of concertgoers who record the entire thing on their smartphone, dump it on youtube and be done with it. (Except from receiving the eternal scorn of people who go to a concert to enjoy themselves, instead of wearing it like a badge of coolness).

    With sporting events, it’s different. Fans can sometimes capture what a TV director can not. Just remember the streaker during the World Cup finale or the other angle provided by a fan for Raikkonen’s Silverstone crash.

    I’m also unsure how the legal construct is. Their official feeds are their intellectual property. But what the legal bindings of ‘only the official organizer can capture video of the event’ is, I don’t know. But why stop at video? Is taking pictures ok? What about bringing a camera which takes multiple shots per second and put that in a GIF? Is that allowed?

    It seems like a bit of a legal minefield. I hope a football fan with a law degree can make a good case against this sort of thing if it comes to fruition.

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    @kingshark I’ll go for the more personal ‘he hasn’t impressed me all that much in qualifying yet, though’. Raikkonen isn’t a qualifying wonder these days (11-9 from Grosjean in 2012, 10-9 from Grosjean in 2013), which makes it harder for me to judge Alonso based on his advantage to Raikkonen.

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    All I know is that whatever Jos and Max said at the beginning of the season, about not having any haste when it comes to the future and F1 being far off is being thrown out of the window. All I hope is that he doesn’t face the same path as his father (backed by Marlboro, entered F1 by severing that relationship, never finding another big sponsor, spend years with poor teams).

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    22. Sutil – Utterly unimpressive, should have the upper hand over Gutierrez and should have had a point or two by now.
    21. Ericsson – This picture sums up how I feel about one of the least impressive GP2 drivers to ever graduate to F1. link
    20. Chilton – Another driver I have little expectations of, but hasn’t done anything to prove me wrong, either. If anything, his shunt in Canada lowered my expectations.
    19. Kobayashi – Might have a poor car, but the 2010 Sauber wasn’t exactly all that either and he managed to impress in that. Largely invisible, sometimes I forget he’s back (the same thing happened to my memory of Trulli in 2010 and 2011, but rather that he was still there).
    18. Gutierrez – He’s doing alright and seems to be a lot more comfortable than in early 2013, holding his own to Sutil and running decently high in some races. Still, crashed out of the points in Monaco and for some reason can’t turn those point positions during some races in finishes.
    17. Maldonado – If it weren’t for Bahrain, he’d probably be higher up my list. He’s been involved in too many incidents, but at the same time, has been running higher than Grosjean in some races, regardless of starting lower than his teammate. Still, he only shows up on the world feed when he crashes, so it’s hard to rate his actual skill once more.
    16. Raikkonen – Didn’t imagine I’d be giving Raikkonen the rank I used to give Alonso’s former team mate. While I get he’s having a hard time with the F14 T, he’s having a much harder time than Alonso and frankly the excuses are running thin. He needs to finish a lot closer to Alonso to improve his ranking in the second half of the season.
    15. Kvyat – Had a great start to the season, but has been rather invisible since. A good driver, but the limitations of the Toro Rosso are wearing heavy on him.
    14. Vergne – Also very limited by the Toro Rosso (especially since his seems to expire a lot more than Kyvat’s), but has impressed more often. Sadly, his race at Hungary remembered me of some of Verstappen’s races in 2001: running impressively high during a race, only to be dropped down the order when the pit stops are over, impressing only those who he has already impressed.
    13. Grosjean – Another driver severely limited by his car. Still, I’ve seen him drop behind Maldonado a few times too often and has sometimes not looked as sharp as in late 2013 during qualifying and on-track battles.
    12. Bianchi – A fantastic race at Monaco and generally being the first of the ‘new teams’, while even challenging the Saubers from time to time mean he’s one of the drivers who has impressed me most this season.
    11. Magnussen – I expected more from the FR3.5 champion, but has been somewhat invisible. Simply haven’t seen a lot from him.

    10. Button – Another colorless season from the most experienced driver. Doesn’t seem to be as lost at mid-2012, but at the same time, his good performances seem to be really far and in between.
    9. Massa – Has one of the best cars, but is often involved in incidents and despite a pole, is yet to end up on the podium. And still has a tendency to point to everyone but himself when an incident occurs, which means he isn’t into the entire ‘learning from mistakes’ thing still. While he impresses by proving he’s better than the last 3 years at Ferrari would have you think, has disappointed by not having the upper hand over Bottas.
    8. Perez – While he has 50% of all Force India podiums to his name now, has been inconsistent and hasn’t made me question Hulkenberg as much as I thought I would have after Bahrain.
    7. Vettel – Seems to have similar kind of problems as Raikkonen, but with a much smaller margin to his team mate. Still, he’s been making some mistakes and hasn’t been ‘on it’ as he was with a mediocre car as in early 2012.
    6. Hulkenberg – I was tempted to put him up even higher, but finishing behind Perez at Bahrain (with so much at stake) and crashing into Perez at Hungary mean his season hasn’t been flawless either. Generally impressive, though.
    5. Hamilton – I wouldn’t say he has made a lot of mistakes, but he’s left a lot on the table. He’s the main sufferer of Mercedes’ reliability so far, but generally, I think Hamilton should have been closer to Rosberg regardless.
    4. Alonso – Once again impressive in a mediocre Ferrari, but doesn’t have as much amazing performances as in 2012 (or that car was a lot better than the F14 T, which seems likely). A lot more invisible than usual, apart from fantastic performances at China and Hungary. Qualifying still isn’t going well, though.
    3. Rosberg – Finally is showing the world he might be more than ‘that guy who beat old Schumacher’ at Mercedes. While there’s little doubt Hamilton is more naturally gifted, Rosberg is doing everything he can; and it’s giving him plenty of results. Still, he seems a little reliant on the team to maximize performance as well. When they can’t get him the best strategy, he isn’t able to get the best result (see; finishing behind Hamilton at Hungary, despite starting from pole).

    There have been only 2 drivers who have been as close to flawless as you get, for me.

    2. Bottas – Three podiums in a row. Soundly beating a reborn Massa with a lot more experience, too. I think there hasn’t been a race where I thought he specifically could have done better.
    1. Ricciardo – From a podium finish (sadly not a result) in Australia to winning in Canada and a spectacular win in Hungary, this guy is going places. It’s been a while since we’ve a driver rise up like him, but apart from qualifying, he seems to have Seb in his pocket this season. Now to see if he can keep that up when/if Vettel masters this year’s car.

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    Does everyone on here have a memory of less than a year?

    A risky question, as one can also point to Massa’s run-ins with Hamilton in 2011 to pinpoint his short-sightedness at times (not all of those were Hamilton’s fault). Then there’s an incident with DC back in 2005 at Imola, which forever has pitched DC against Massa. I don’t think I need to remind anyone of that time Felipe spun 18 times during a wet British GP..

    The difference between Nico Hulkenberg sliding into his team mate once, after finishing all races before in this season in the points, and Felipe Massa, who has been involved in multiple incidents and failed to turn that pole into a podium position, is attitude. Nico Hulkenberg doesn’t brag when he does well, and he apologized when he crashed into Perez. Felipe Massa has done little but point to everyone else in his entire F1 career (remember how Crashgate alone was responsible for him not winning the WDC in 2008? Felipe does.) and it is a really poor character trait.

    Then there’s the 3 years of underperforming at Ferrari. 2010 was decent, I guess, but 2011 and the first half of 2012 were reaaaally poor, and while late 2012 and early 2013 were fine, he went back into anonymity in late 2013.

    Generally, F1 fans have lost their passion for Felipe since he handled his loss of the WDC in 2008 so well during that final race. Mostly because he has handled himself poorly, bent over backwards for Alonso (until it was far too late for anyone to take his rebellion seriously) and now is losing out to a team mate who is only in his second season. Felipe is a good driver, but you can’t force people to like a driver as much as he’s talented (or there would be a lot more Vettel fans).

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    As a Ferrari fan, I would be sad to see him go, while I’d be happy with a more modern leader.

    But for the sake of poor F1 journalism, I hope none of this is true, just to see some websites having to put their foot in mouth again..

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    @magnificent-geoffrey I’m not too sure on that. Perhaps the deal changed, but back when Studio Liverpool had the deal, they went from 1995 to 1997. The Microprose games also skipped a few years, but their titles weren’t tied to a season in their names as well (and offered the player to edit driver names..).

    I think Codemasters is releasing this for the people that’ll buy it anyway (not mindless fans per se, but collectors, people who really want to play this season’s car, rather than have the game being excellent at top priority), but I suspect it would have been more had they not announced F1 2015 in the process..

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    Then why shouldn’t Lotus’ subliminal JPS livery be censored? People who are new to the sport are still going to read ‘John Player Special livery’, google what that is and they’re not paying Lotus a dime.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d be for it, but I don’t see why Martini is banned from F1 2014, while Marlboro and JPS get subliminal coverage.

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    Seems I’m the only one still playing!

    Q: 10th
    R: 1st

    As you can maybe tell from the time in between posts, it had been a while since I last played the game. I tried to get my old steering wheel to work, but it’s simply not up for the task and slowed me down a lot. By the time I did qualifying, I still had to get the hang of the game again and while I led Q1 and Q2, I simply couldn’t put in a decent lap in Q3.

    I ran past positions 9 through 5 at La Source, emerging next to Alonso and Schumacher. Using some tactics I managed to scare the AI into giving me 3rd, allowing me to catch up with Rosberg in 2nd and Hamilton in 1st. I caught both going into Les Combes (even with the AI at Legend I can outbreak the AI easily into most turns..) and tried to run with it. I kept my options alive for long enough, pitted and re-emerged in 3rd behind Schumacher and Alonso. Both pitted and while I had Hamilton and Rosberg all over my back for a couple of laps, using all my KERS at Kemmel basically rendered their DRS useless.

    After Spa I selected Hamilton as my rival, with him actually challenging me in the races and the WDC.

    R: 1st

    Qualifying never has been my strong point, but I had no excuses for finishing 2nd in Q3, especially since I annihilated the field in Q1 and Q2. Hamilton was on pole, but as per usual, I managed to beat him into the first corner and wasn’t really bothered by him afterwards. At least, had I not gone off at the 2nd Lesmo. In the run up to Ascari, Hamilton put his car alongside me, I closed the gap and as sure as you’ll get a penalty for hitting a stalled car in the back, his front wing went off because my side pod touched it.

    Vettel and Rosberg never came close to challenging me, Hamilton finished in 8th, despite running 4th after pit stops.

    I got my first contract offers for 2014 as well, but I’m not all that interested in leading Force India, MArussia or HRT!

    Q: 1st
    R: 1st

    For some reason, the set up I have found for this track is utterly fast, but completely impossible to keep the tyres alive on. I took pole by 1.4 seconds in Q3, built a gap of 3 seconds in the first lap, only to have my tyres destroyed at lap 3. I boxed for the primes, but the game somehow sent me out on USED primes. I managed to get to the Singapore Sling on them, then I crashed. I had 3 more attempts at actually getting to the point in the race where rain was predicted, but the game kept penalizing me for running into crashed Ferrari’s, spinning out of chicanes and at some point game me a corner cutting warning for entering the pits.

    I decided to put the AI on amateur for this race, pit once for new options, once for rain tyres and just have some fun. Not that I had any, because the AI still managed to crash and get me 30 seconds worth of penalties for causing collisions.

    God, I hate this game.

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    I was out on holiday for the entire competition! :P is it ok to submit a track now? @philereid

    Track itself is 5.2934. Clockwise. Pitlane on the outside.

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    @f1kb Thanks for answering my questions! One of my main beefs with Olav in his latter years at RTL7 was his mumbling and rehashing facts we could see, being more involved maybe lit his spark again.

    I think I’ll give it a try for the Belgian GP, I can luckily subscribe/cancel instantly, so I don’t mind the 15 euros for once. (As I’d say it compensates the annoying ads, fruitless RTL commentary and build up and getting to avoid Eddie Jordan.)

    Not to gloat, but as I was browsing through this thread earlier, I noticed I said this in early 2013:

    Jos [...] has a very candid personality, which either means he’ll end up walking away before there’s a contract signed, or he’ll provide James Hunt-like commentary.

    Seeing he never did commentate on a race with Ronald van Dam, I predicted that one better than I have any race result for the predictions championship!

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    I’ve reversed the direction of the track, but the pitlane would remain in the same place, it would only need a different entry.

    For some reason I couldn’t load any of the other tracks on gmaps, so please let me know if mine does work..

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    I know this is a massive bump, but after being stuck with RTL Deutschland for 2 races in a row, I’m really wondering if I should get Sport1 again. The commercials really kill the vibe of a race at RTL and to be honest BBC hasn’t been all that this season either. I only have an old laptop in my living room with streams running behind on the TV footage, using that as commentary isn’t really an option either.

    If any of my countrymen still have Sport1, how is Olav doing? Is he back to his old ways, or is he still like the latter years at RTL7? Do they show the full victory lap and post race sequence?

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