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    @azulio so every 2 laps times are wiped out? Tyres won’t get any faster, just slower. Even if it worked as a hectic method to keep qualifying alive, it would result contradictory to have a pole sitter with slower times than somebody who was dropped in 12th place, so to speak. How are the laps measured, respect to whom I mean? What if the guy who was running 1st decides to go at SC speeds on the second lap, to save tyres. What would be the referencial lap then? We might end up watching a fast “quali” lap, then cars going very slow because the second lap doesn’t count, right? they could try to improve the lap time on the second lap, but the clocks would get all our attention.
    You say pits are banned, but what about a car crashing, so quali continues? Are cars supposed to stay out?
    I don’t know, so many more questions already.
    And don’t get me started about sponsors wanting their 5 min break for TV ads.


    @ambroserpm Maybe more than CGI, they use the advantage of having still cameras, so they just let Seb go, then release the container a minute later and with a couple of computer’s tweaks they put it together.


    Vettel on Alonso in Monza 2011


    Well, this site is good, but if I could add a couple of things, they would be:

    COTD based on a “thumbs up” system, which only users could click.

    Return to the old version of graphics, where you could usually select some drivers.

    Return the “report comment” button.

    And what about DOTW giving us the chance to rank 3 drivers? It would stop the “pity vote” some users usually mention


    Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil… nah they were just mediocre.
    As a nightmare lineup, I would pick Narain and Maldo.


    @benh hahaha that one made me laugh!


    Vettel: When his car got on fire in Korea 2010. Honestly, that day I thought his WDC challenge was over.
    Hamilton: When he got stuck in China 2007 on that tiny piece of gravel. He would have been champion easily without that thing.


    @girts But I never said they are less worthy. You have to admit some of them have occurred just for plain luck, though. I know it’s hard sometimes to climb to second, but sometimes a crash takes the two leaders out, as hulk and hamilton in Brazil 2012 or the two red bulls in Turkey 2010.


    This one.


    They WOULDN’T risk quali, that’s what I wanted to say, but went autocorrected or something like that…


    @dragoll, @pt, @anto What about this (I know I may be bashed for this, as I have seen a really fierce but good defense of not giving points for overtaking):
    As I said once, I would give ONE point to the driver who bettered the most positions during the race. (If you started 23rd and ended up 4th, for example) Giving just one point to only one driver would ensure somehow:
    1. That nobody risks qualifying position to assure just a point. I mean, Hamilton or Vettel (to say so) would risk qualifying badly on purpose to have just a point. But we could see interesting strategies by the backmarkers.
    2. That it would be useless to overtake back and forth, because only the difference between finishing and starting position would count.
    Have your say, I’m waiting for your opinions.


    I always liked the yellow-and-black Jordans and the yellow-and-black Renaults. I hope it’s true Haas will use those colors next year!


    @Dragoll nice comment man, and to be honest, I got surprised by what you told me about Australia. Having 2 successful names in F1 and having Brabham as a past reference should be, in my opinion, enough to bring more people into the sport, at least into the circle of people already interested in other forms of car racing.
    And yes, F1F is like our “bunker” where people feel comfortable to discuss about our sport.


    To improve the sport, some simple approach must be mantained. I think having the points restored to 2013 standards is good enough.
    If we have these points for overtaking, it would need a points reorganization as IRL or Indy, but that is so hard to follow.
    I would agree with you if there would be JUST ONE POINT for the driver who improved his position the most places during a race. It would not diminish the effort done by top drivers (as, let’s say, Hamilton, wouldn’t choose to start last and try to win the race to get 26 points, when you know it’s too risky and he may end up with nothing) but for a Manor, it could be a good chance for them to try a risky strategy to finish, let’s say, 15th, but having recovered 5 or 6 places, it would recognize their effort.


    Deutsche Post, gave the Jordans their yellow color? or at least there was good contrast.
    Jordan F1

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 172 total)