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    Ricciardo on Perez taking the outside line. Wowww!!!


    V ettel (I was hoping him to grab it again this year, let’s face it. It’s impossible now…


    NIgel’s, it looks as last year’s front nose!!!

    Where would you put Bianchi, in Williams or in Force India?


    Senna. He didn’t quote Senna all the time :P

    what’s worse: pitstop blunder to a great car, or driver’s blunder to a great car


    as what, the scariest? at the tunnel, check Frentzen’s crash there.

    Which one is more polemic, Schum’s Q3 at Monaco 2006 or Nico’s current one?


    @fastiesty hey inform me more on that please, what or where is Mardenborough? and has Red Bull closed any of their junior programmes? I knew they have reduced their number of “applicants”.


    @vettel1 it looks as if Red Bull is “the new Sauber”, Vettel, Ricciardo and Kvyat are 3 great drivers… so Red Bull (company) may end up having to power up Toro Rosso, as they can’t fire one of them!!! (That assuming not any other big team hires one of the 3).


    Wow, tough question. I guess Spa. I love Kimi’s wins there, and his battle with Lewis in 2008 was epic! Webber pass on Alonso at Eau Rouge was awesome! Grosjean doing a Maldonado was thrilling (in the bad way, I feared for Alonso’s life), that race is always spicy! (except for last year maybe :C )


    What’s better: Rainy race or dry race (both IN SILVERSTONE)


    @kingshark and why Monaco? (that was part of the original question)

    Then I just skip your main question about Spa or Suzuka


    wait a second, one is a gp, the other a team… I’ll say Pacific for no real reason, just to keep the post rolling.
    Which one scared you most: Ralf’s crash at Indy or Kubica’s in Canada?


    Kvyat sending Vergne to retirement or to a different category



    Which was more surprising for you, the male fan with a skirt in Germany (first Barrichello win) or Greenpeace’s banner at one podium?


    @mazdachris because we (or at least I) can’t buy a ticket to Abu Dhabi GP, I don’t have a rating device plugged to my TV, so if thousands as me don’t watch the race, it won’t work. So I recommend you to try a message in the links above. Thanks for the interest.


    Again, I’m surprised to see Button put away and giving Hamilton 2012? At least show respect for Alonso, he battled until the end of that season. And Button is as deserving of his title (in a rocketship) as Hamilton if he gets this yeas’s title in HIS rocketship, as Schumi 2002, Vettel 2013, Mansell 92.. I mean, the combo “supercar / good or super driver” is not unfair. If you are a solid team, if you build a rocketship, who would you hire (money out of the equation please)? Maldonado or Bottas? Vettel or Massa? Button or Kovalainen? I mention Massa and Kovalainen because these guys had their shot at solid, big teams, and (at least Massa post crash) have not been able to at least shine more. You see races when Hamilton or Alonso abandoned but their teammates didn’t take the team forward to get a victory. Button had the car, “tough luck” for his not-fans. He deserved his title.


    The champion is the champion for all of the reasons combined. Maybe this year can be the exception, I mean, if we calculate the points that should be with “normal points” vs “AbuDhabi points”, and if we see the champion could be another one if it weren’t for those double points, only then I would say “another driver deserves the championship”, but in fair play situations, the champion is the top scorer. This year, because of the domination played by Mercedes (and something gives me the impression Lewis has already cracked Nico’s confidence) I guess the WDC will be given long before the AbuDhabi scam.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 158 total)