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    A combination of Kimi Raikkonen’s face (left side) with Sebastian Vettel’s (right side) just using “paint” on my old laptop. (If you see the “big” version of the avatar, you can discover the “spray” to mix the photos)


    I guess part of their debacle came when Senna died. He was not the whole team, but remember his death led to a trial investigating which parts of the cars had “fatigue”. So probably that also lead to a less aggressive development (for a couple of years). After Hill and Villeneuve, they failed to retain Villeneuve (any resemblance with Button / Brawn? and the consequent fallout of Mercedes?) and then they couldn’t find a good drivers pair until Ralf and Montoya, but again, they couldn’t build the environment to retain Montoya to McLaren and Ralf to Toyota (actually Ralf showed his peak in 2003 and started to decline). The post Schumacher era didn’t bring any great rookies into William’s crew.
    I hope they can, the sooner the better, build up and keep momentum again. They deserve another historic chance. They must drop Maldonado and see if Bottas is worth it. Or start on the scratch with new drivers in 2014.


    About Lars Osterlind:
    Lars Osterlind (born May 8, 1945) – Swedish administrator
    After high school, before deciding he wanted to pursue a career in the field of management, worked as a language teacher. He studied economics at Stockholm University, where he graduated with a degree in the Judiciary. Then he began teaching management techniques. For five years he worked at the Swedish Federation of Workers.
    From 1978 to 1982, Osterlind was in the Swedish Rally Committee.
    Osterlind is a fan of racing and rallies, so he joined The Swedish Federation of Motorsport, in 1982 he became its president,
    until 1996.
    In 1985, he won a seat in the World Motor Sport Council, between 1985 and 1998 he was related to the main issues in the politics of international motorsport.
    With increasing international commitments, he decided to start his own business and created a book and video, specializing in management.
    Osterlind supported Max Mosley when he tried, in 1991, to overthrow the President of FIA at that time – Jean-Marie Balestre. When Mosley was elected president, Osterlind became the vicepresident and in that way became one of the biggest names of the FIA.
    Osterlind has been a steward during many Formula 1 Grand Prix, and has appeared in more than 100 Grand Prix.
    He was also a steward in the World Rally Championship over 90 times.


    The other day I saw on Twitter how the Italian F1 magazines have, one number after another (of issue) ONLY pictures of Alonso on the cover
    Do you think they will sell the magazines with a cover of Lewis?
    That’s just marketing


    I speak and write in Spanish, your call…


    not exactly what you say , ut in the early 90’s there was a F1 game where you could create your own tracks, and (ahead o its time I think) you could change the names of the team drivers, so actually you were able to create your own team as well. I don’t remember the name of that game (Schum was on a benneton and the mclarens were in the old white and red livery, any help with the name PLEASE!!!


    I would consider Brazil (for the challenges it almost always brings), Spa (because it’s very very extense, hard, slopy and also praised by drivers) and Canada (which is a good race and a “fast Monaco” for the walls always close.


    After a season….
    I read some of the comments and just one or two predicted he could win. Great!!!


    5, add Jacques Villeneuve who raced but didn’t win Lemans


    4 champions, Graham Hill, Mike Hawthorn, Jochen Ridnt and Phil Hill


    Yes, but he would make the Kovalainen – Mc Laren thing. he’ll be outscored by whoever his partner will be, win just a race and fade out

    When it’s all said and done, will Alonso ever be outscored by a teammate?


    Well other than the top 6 and all the ones you mentioned… so Perez
    When it’s all said and done, will Massa get a podium agaiin?


    Gutierrez has some backing from Carlos Slim Jr right? so would fit in the place and sauber could keep their sponsors and with that the money to keep the fight alive


    it should be Buemi. I really think they deserved a good chance this year but Marko Rosso sacked them. Sauber can give him (or why not Alguersuari or however his name is) a good chance to shine again, even make podiums (Sauber is fully capable to do so)

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 157 total)