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    Best Driver: Vettel
    Worst Driver: Masa
    Best Team: Lotus
    Worst Team: Williams (let the point slip)
    Best Overtake: Webber’s start
    Best Funny- moment: Marussia’s car
    Most Surprising Result: Grosjean on the podium
    Least Surprising Result: Hamilton going backwards first, then recovering a little
    Special Mention to: Hulkenberg
    Race Rating: 9/10


    @mnmracer! Great stuff, excellent! Twi things i noticed:
    1. Alonso has inherited many races, but that’s why he is always pushing the leader when he goes second. Sometimes that push pays the reward of making the leader lose concentration, overheat something and then retire.
    2. I agree with @freelittlebirds that “Vettel has more failures on the lead because he is usually leading”. Even when sometimes the car has failed “without a reason”, we can also assume that Vettel, pushing the car so much, makes it fail from time to time.

    I wonder how many races Mansell inherited, so we can compared this fact to Alonso.


    Let’s see (with no order in particular, and just to mention the ones I’ve seen during my lifetime)
    Montoya, Massa, Kubica, Ralf Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Frentzen, Barrichello, Fisico, Webber and Trulli


    As an opinion, you should rename the post as “the ones which you remember the most” or stuff like that, because when there is a crash in F1, it just makes me feel nervous cause I don’t know if the driver can make it through.
    The ones I remember are
    Barrichello flying in Imola
    Grosjean first lap vs Alonso and Hamilton in Spa
    Kubica in Canada
    One of Schum in Abu Dhabi when his car spins and he is looking backwards, and somebody crashes him.
    Red Bull boys in Turkey
    Maldonado and Hamilton in Valencia
    Ralf Schum at Indianapolis
    … enough?


    Monaco, pick the year you want…


    @fixy and both arrived fifth to get the championship.


    @fixy your turn!!! (and for @matthijs the question excluded Monaco)


    Everybody compared Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton when they were teammates, but, what 4 coincidences were there between the 2 drivers who became champions in 2008 and 2009? (I have 4 in my mind, if you mention other coincidences it will be nice to know)


    Zandvoort, Netherlands @joeyzf1 for 30 times, according to wiki, cause other circuits have held more races but have also shared the race with other circuits


    DRS? Phuket!!!


    Perez on Button, especially if you consider that Perez on Alonso was not really a pass, and Perez on Raikkonen ended badly. But the one on Button was great!


    Mohammed Ben Sulayem is one of the Arab world’s most famous sportsmen,
    having won a record 14 FIA Middle East Rally Championship titles, making
    him one of the most successful FIA title holders in the world.
    His motor sport career includes 61 international outings in the European,
    African, Middle East and World Rally Championships (WRC). During his career
    he drove for Opel, Toyota and Ford. Since the early 1990s, Ben Sulayem has
    been heavily involved in the organisation of the UAE Desert Challenge Cross
    Country Rally, of which he is the founder and Chairman.
    He is Chairman of the Organising Committee for the FIA Middle East Rally
    Championship and the Dubai International Rally. He is a founding member
    of the Arab Council of Touring and Automobile Clubs, which aims to unite the
    FIA Clubs of Arabic-speaking territories. He is also heavily involved in the
    organisation of the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
    Ben Sulayem is now President of the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE.
    In 2007 he was appointed as a consultant to the Road Transport Authority of
    the UAE. The same year he was appointed to the UAE Government
    Consultative Committee for Road Safety and Environmental Affairs. In 2008
    he was appointed a Vice President of the FIA and member of the World Motor
    Sport Council.


    About Surinder Thatthi :
    “Surinder Thatthi began his motor sport career in 1982 when he became a
    co-driver and logistics coordination manager for GM Euro Sport, Audi Sport
    and the Nissan Rally Team at various WRC events.
    Throughout the 1980s, he worked for a wide range of rally events including
    Safari Rally Kenya and World Championship rallies in Brazil, Argentina, New
    Zealand and the Ivory Coast. Thatthi won the ‘Kenya Motor Sportsman of the
    Year’ award in 1988. He was named FIA African Rally Champion co-driver in
    1989, 1996, 1997 and 1998.
    In 1997, Thatthi was appointed head of the technical team for Safari Rally
    Kenya, followed by his appointment as head of the safety team for the Safari
    Rally Kenya in 1998. In the late nineties, he was elected President of the FIA
    Confederation of African Countries in Motor Sport (CACMS) and was also
    elected a member of the FIA Rally Commission.
    Thatthi was appointed Secretary General and Director of the Kenya Motor
    Sport Federation in 2002 and was elected a member of the FIA World
    Motor Sport Council in 2004. He was made Chairman of the KCB Safari Rally
    Kenya in 2005. Thatthi has worked for the last four years as an FIA Steward
    in Formula One, WTCC, WRC and regional rally championships in Europe, the
    Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.”


    About Hugo Mersan:
    “Hugo Mersan has been involved in motor sports for over 35 years; and
    currently participates as a member of the WMSC, the ‘Decade of Action’
    working group, and the FIA Custom Commission. Since 2001 he has been
    President of CODASUR (Confederación Sudamericana de Automovilísmo
    He is a member and legal counsel of the board of directors of the Touring y
    Automovil Club Paraguayo (TACPy). Furthermore, he is President of the
    International Documents Commission and the Sports and Tourism
    Commissions. He is also a former member the Court of Appeals of the TACPy.
    Mersan has attended a number of conferences and assemblies of the FIA,
    CIK, AIT and FITAC on behalf of both TACPy and CODASUR.
    He has worked as steward for GT1, an observer for both Formula One and
    WTCC, and he has officiated on several Karting and Formula 3, Pan American
    CIK-FIA Championships. In addition he has acted as rally steward in
    numerous national and South American events.
    Mersan is a former rally co-driver and regularity rally driver and has received
    awards from the International Olympic Committee, Sports Clubs, and
    Federations of South America.
    In his non motor sport activities Mersan is director of a law firm. He is a
    professor and doctor of law, specialised in intellectual property, sports, and


    About Vincenzo Spano:
    Although born in Italy, Vincenzo Spano grew up in Venezuela, where he went
    on to study at the Universidad Central de Venezuela becoming an
    attorney-at-law. He continued his graduate studies in criminal law at the
    Instituto Universitario de Policía Científica.
    Spano has far-reaching experience in the motor sport sector, on the national,
    regional and international level. He has worked for the Touring Automovil
    Club de Venezuela since 1991, having served as President of the Sporting
    Commission since 2001. He also completed two terms as President and now
    sits as Member of the Board of the NACAM -FIA Zone.
    Since 1995, Spano has been a licenced Steward and obtained his Steward
    Super Licence from the FIA in 2003. He has been involved with the FIA and
    FIA Institute in a number of capacities since 2001, as a member of the World
    Motor Sport Council, the FIA Committee, and the Executive Committee of the
    FIA Institute.

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 172 total)