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    And the problem with Lewis on Vettel at China is that Sebastian’s tyres were shot while Lewis’ were not, and that’s not including the faulty KERS he had included.

    Check and mate sunshine…


    British fans at silverstone are scum, they were the same last year booing Sebastian and Fernando, nothing changes. Hope next year that it’s another none British podium so they can boo all they want at their obvious xenophobia against Germans.

    Get over it! Germany beat England 4-1… And nobody cares about who won WW2 anymore, it happened over 65 years ago now, get with the times people because it’s equal to racism…


    Er excuse me….vettel aged 23, Lewis aged 26, bit of an age gap don’t you think?

    Whatever Lewis did Vettel did it sooner, so why does vettel get labeled “can only win in a dominant Red Bull” where as Lewis failed to win in a dominant McLaren in 07 and nearly does it again in 08. Typical British media making out Lewis has the short end of the stick. I repeat a ROOKIE, almost wins the world title in a McLaren but yet vettel gets labeled “it’s all the car”, that’s just a sad, poor excuse from some of you lot, double standards.

    I think Abu Dhabi showed Lewis and Vettel at how equal they infact are. 3 hundreths of a second seperated them in quali and he still pulled away on race day.

    But OOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m sure you will all say that Lewis’ car was atleast 2 seconds off the pace and it was just all skill that made it that close, pfffffffffff.

    Cars seperate these 2 in speed not talent…

    (sarcasm) Oh yes lets bring up Vettel’s overtaking skills, right…….

    China 07/ 17th-4th

    Monaco 08/ 19th-5th

    Canada 08/ 19th-8th

    Belgium 08/10th-5th

    Belgium 09/8th-3rd

    Brazil 09/15th-4th

    Silverstone 10/24th-7th, after the first lap incident with Lewis.

    (sarcasm) Terribly sorry if there are no videos of him going up the grid, but the F1 media seemed to be more interested in Alonso and Lewis at the time.

    It’s also funny that Schumacher gets idolised for dragging up Ferrari from the pits of doom with the likes of Rory Byrne, Jean Todt and Ross Brawn helping him achieve all the records he has…

    So why is Adrian Newey, Vettel and Christian Horner any different from dragging a “nothing” team into the world championship spotlight.

    I just think certain F1 fans *cough* Macca fans *cough* are just jealous that they have a fight on their hands and have to keep comparing Lewis to vettel while the other side couldn’t care less.


    Lewis Hamiltons, obvious receding hairline which he trys to cover up by growing a stupid beard.

    Anthony Hamilton and his constant pouting on TV.

    Senna, More I read into the biography on him the less I like him as a person.

    Martin Whitmarsh constant hype of his drivers and typical mindgames he trys to pull on RBR and Vettel.

    Pastor Maldonado who has no clue how to follow the racing line let alone look out for cars lapping him.

    Piquet Jnr and Flavio for obvious reasons.

    Webber, play acting at being the nice guy on the circuit.

    Schumacher, just retire already because he’s still not doing himself any favours.

    Helmut Marko, wish he would just shut up and back off targeting Webber all the time.

    Ross Brawn, clearly not backing Nico regardless what results he pulls out over schumi.

    Rupert Murdoch, just plain Fuck off…

    Chinese marshalls, paper cut outs would of been more useful that weekend.

    Lewis fans who don’t seem to shut up trying to compare Alonso and Vettel with him.


    I’m sorry but I just dont get this “picture” that the media and public give Webber being the nice guy from down under who wouldn’t put a foot wrong and what he speaks is never BS. Sorry but he rubs me the wrong way as a teammate for Vettel, not just because “he’s a threat to Seb” or anything, just that last year he kept moaning and moaning and moaning (like I’m doing now) that he keeps getting shafted being the “number 2” not telling it to the media’s face but with little drips of hissy fits at certain grand prixs after silverstone.

    I’ve seen him on TV doing mind games with vettel it’s subtle in the “heat of the moment” but it’s plainly easy to see he’s already doing it again this year:

    WEBBER- “(It was good that someone finally), of course Seb is in the same team but he has been on a phenomenal run and we are all here together fighting for victories. Shame McLaren won in a way but also (we cant let Seb get too far away), (so it was good day for the racing) and good day for us in terms of points for the team”.

    Sorry If it looks like im taking it out of translation but still:

    1:He’s happy Vettel didn’t win, rather it being a different driver.

    2:(We can’t let Seb get too far)- He admits he wants it to continue.

    3:(Good day for racing)- Just because vettel didn’t win eh?

    You might think he’s all nice and charming, but I see BS and mindgames in between the lines, all pointed at vettel. I might be crazy, I might be right. Sorry for the last time see you in 3 weeks because my rant is over….ty.



    Hay…Somebody has to talk about the other drivers lol, can’t have them all overlooked on a great GP.


    Lasted better than vettel’s car eh?

    At least webber could talk to his pit crew during the race. Funny being the number 2 in Red Bull he sure likes to see his own teammate fail in winning towards the end. Yet when webber loses you don’t see seb opening his mouth hoping it continues do you? Real class webber real class, great drive, still jealous of sebastian though which isn’t a suprise.

    And the media say he’s a nice bloke? don’t make me laugh since he’s full of mind games towards vettel. I can’t wait to see him get the boot this year because even Lewis would give less daggers in the back to seb if he got masterclassed all season.


    lol I get that a lot Calum


    Vettel’s my favorite driver Nico’s second, it’s just boring only focusing on the world champion though, surely you like other drivers other than Lewis?.

    I’ve been watching F1 too long to just be a 1 driver supporter now, it’s not jumping ship or anything. Supported vettel since 2007, Nico since 09, Di Resta since DTM and Perez at GP2.

    Btw I’m not German lol…


    I’m glad vettel’s dominating :)


    Go to Spa, you’ll never regret it. Bronze tickets have 100x better view than Silverstone.

    Any F1 virgin has to go to Spa, best atmosphere on the calendar, it’s safe and peaceful unless your next to a bunch of Finns…


    Im trying to say if they want an F1 style like that (electric or hydrogen powered) they should use it to get around as well to show confidence in using that source of power. Not just using petrol to get around 90% of the time…etc

    It’s promising yes, but this series I feel would be hollow if it’s dependant on petrol to get around, thats my only problem with it. Other than that it gets the thumbs up by me.



    (((Fossil fuel))) is the main general point im trying to get across, it’s used everywere trains, cars, ships, planes. Electric powered forms of transport arn’t used unless you live in LA or Japan.<- (stereotype sorry)

    Edit: But yet in the long run electric powered cars, could ignite the endurance series all over Britian. With countless towns voting for a bann on “all night” races when they buy their mansions 50 years after the track was built has really hit the lower series of racing in Britain.

    I would be interested to watching the new series of (EF1)Electric Formula 1, only if the BBC/ITV got it. But would the likes of Heidfeld, Bruno, Chandhok etc… be interested though?


    They race by electic, they can travel by electric, lets see them do that…

    No point trying to race with it if you can’t even use it in real life.

    There’s nothing special about using electric or hyrdrogen in a race car for a season if the travel situation is by using a lorry or jumbo jet from country to country.



    Oh indeed, far too early to talk as regarding his future, with so many races left for the season. But it was a good start none the less, which i’m sure you would agree.

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